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This page was last modified on 15 October 2018
Over the Christmas period we heard from a number of xYT-ites, including: IAN WAGGE, JO ROUNDELL-GREENE (née Harwood), and PENNY ROBERTSON (née Harwood) who said: I am continuing to use my drama skills in my work with children who have special needs.  I'm actually working in the secondary school which my son, attends.  He's in Year 10 and in his first year of GCSE's.

Rick WardenRICK WARDEN also contacted us: I've got some interesting material coming out so keep an eye out if you're sitting in front of the box during January. I'm pretty possessed(!) in a new BBC two part drama called APPARITIONS starring Martin Shaw; make 'friends' with a sabre tooth tiger in an episode of ITV's forthcoming second series of PRIMEVAL (for the kids really that one) and am in a movie out in April called DOOMSDAY (for 15 year old boys to marvel at!) for the slightly more discerning who have SKY ARTS (Channel 267) I am a student in the 'Mastering the Art' programme on Wednesday 9th Jan at 7.30, where I try and paint a Braque in 4 hours!!! Tougher than acting!


Scrooge team for the new songsNovember 2007
A number of xYT-ites were rounded up by IRW to record two new songs for mister Scrooge which was stage by The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield) in January 2004. It is hoped the revised script will soon be winging its way to a publisher. (In the photo, standing L to R: Claire White (née Murrell), Ryan Witney (Scrooge), Richard Peters, Helen Chaldercott (née Wallace), Paul Bacon, Janine Britton. Kneeling: Mark Britton. IRW was behind the camera.

Jacquie RussellSeptember 2007
IRW has been meeting up with JACQUIE RUSSELL every few weeks and although she is not yet wired up to the internet Jacquie wishes to be remembered to any xYT-ites from North Harrow who may remember her. 

July 2007
 This is CERIS CHALLENGER (now FEAKES) writing to you from the sunny and bloody hot climes of Florida.  I see you are looking for old members of the YT and I guess I qualify!  I am really impressed how big YT has become over the years - a far cry from the church hall at St. Alban's.  I still have photos and old scripts from those fun days and sometimes even find myself thinking about the old days and how much fun they were.  When I was living in North Hollywood back in the early 80's, I got involved with a British social club called the Mayflower Club made up of ex-pats and the odd Yank and we put on really good quality pantos every January.  Other than that, I haven't kept up with the thespian life although we have a really good amateur theatre here called the Amelia Community Theatre and am considering trying out for future productions. I barely remember myself from those YT days, it all seems such a long time ago. I turn 54 this August - God help me! I did enjoy those early days and, in retrospect, I wish that I had stayed active in YT longer. My travels (and travails!) have taken me far and wide and although in my heart and head still a teenager, the mirror tells me otherwise. My favourite production was "The Deserted House". It was a very mature play for kids as young as we were and I think we handled it exceedingly well. I still vividly remember getting hit across the face by IRW and it wasn't at all difficult to come up with the required tears demanded by that scene. I, too, believe I could have gone much further in acting but I was flitting from one thing to another in those days and nothing kept my attention very long. I moved to France in 1974 and worked as an au pair for three different families, two American and one French. I left there in '76 and came to the US to stay with some dear friends for the summer in Oklahoma. I ended up marrying my friend's brother and stayed for the next 21 years. In that time I married and divorced three times, producing 4 children along the way. If you are curious about where I live, google Amelia Island, Florida - it's at the north-eastern tip of Florida, close to Georgia. Ten minutes from the beach, surrounded by rivers and salt marshes and not what people think of when they think of Florida.

July 2007
The Machin FamilyPETER MACHIN writes: Glad to see YT is doing so well all these years on and is still in the robust state Mike Jefferies and I left it in, when we left. Marvellous. Well I thought I'd finally better get in touch and get onto your XYT list, if you'll have me, unless Mark Britton's fatwa on me for ad-libbing in Pied Piper still standing. In terms of acting, I'm very much resting these days... in fact, for about the last 12 years or so.. But from the picture attached you can see I've kind of got my hands a wee bit full at the moment. That's Patrick in the middle, breaking hearts wherever he goes, much as I did at that age... Also in the picture is my very patient wife, Jude. We're both happily embedded at the BBC, spending our time, between nappy-changes, producing on location for BBC News. Keep up the good work, and where's the scandal on the website. Far too sanitised. Sort it out.  

June 2007
It's GABBY VAUTIER here - I just stumbled on your website and it took me back a few years!!!!  I now work at the Young Vic Theatre in Audience Development organising and producing community projects and productions, and I also direct and produce on the fringe for my company Eat The Cake Productions. Would love to be kept up to date with what is going on in Beaconsfield - they were very happy days for me and they had a huge affect on what I decided to do as a career.  

MontageJune 2007
Patron ROBERT GLENISTER was back on our TV screens in the latest series of Hustle on BBC1, and also seen in a re-run of Kavanagh QC on ITV3. Ex-member ZOË BALL was seen on ITV hosting Grease is the Word. RICHARD ATTLEE continues to ‘appear’ as Kenton in The Archers on BBC Radio 4. RICK WARDEN will be seen in Rome on BBC-tv, and is currently filming Good about the rise of national socialism in Germany, and has also been doing post-production on the futuristic action thriller Doomsday.

Three Trees LogoApril 2007
The new musical Three Trees based on a traditional folktale — music by MARK BRITTON, lyrics by IAN R. WALLACE — was given its premier at St. Peter’s Church in Loudwater on March 22nd - 24th to full houses! Directed by Mark, the cast included two other ex-stalwarts of YT in RYAN WITNEY and PAUL BACON. It is hoped that a CD (and possibly a DVD) of the show will also be produced.

March 2007
Tricia Wardle IRW has heard from Tricia Wardle (a.k.a. Pat Maskell) again who has sent this message to XYT... “Hello to anyone who remembers me from way back in the Harrow days.  I was Pat Maskell then (David Maskell's sister, if that helps to jog the memory), but now go by Tricia Wardle.  I moved to the Midlands at the end of 1967 - firstly to Lincolnshire, then to Leicestershire - then, in 1985, transferred to the States on a three-year contract.  After nearly 22 years, we're still here, in North Carolina; it's on the east coast, in the southern half.  We love it here: the climate, the space and lack of crowds, the outdoor life, the scenery..... although we still miss family and old friends in England.  We are now retired and spend a large part of our time travelling.” If anyone wishes to contact Tricia please let us know and we can put you in touch.
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