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The Young Theatre

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31 May 2020

The 50th Anniversary of the first YT meeting in Beaconsfield
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31st May 2020

50Years ago today!

The Young Theatre in Beaconsfield held its first ever meeting, led by Young Theatre founder Ian R. Wallace. Over the last 50 years while The Young Theatre has changed locations and equipment the principles it was founded on and it being 'theatre for young people, run by young people' has never changed !

– YT@Beaconsfield on Facebook

On the 31st May 1970 the first meeting in Beaconsfield of The Young Theatre was held at the (now demolished) Burnham Hall in Malthouse Square. Suffice it to say, the first afternoon was filled with many excited potential members, most of whom returned the following week and thereafter. [The webmaster of this site was one of them! - T] There is more detail about the group’s beginning and history in The Story of YT and depicted on the Timelines.

To celebrate this milestone, the group was going to organise a birthday party for the group in the style of a Social Evening for the 31st May 2020 weekend but those plans had to be set aside when the country was struck by the coronavirus crisis. Many shows currently in preparation has to be put into ‘furlough’ so the group had to think of other things to do and other ways to mark the occasion.

A ‘lock-down’ Film Festival was arranged, to compete for the Burnham Trophy. This had to be made by members using only the resources they had at home and to reflect a year which was chosen from YT's past. If you haven't seen the entries yet, you can still watch them before chosing to look at the official result.

In the run-up to the 50th anniversary in Beaconsfield, the group posted to their Facebook page the images shown here under 1970s, 1980s and so on. These images have had hot-spots added so they link to the things mentioned but those hot-spots will be scrambled if your display is less than about 1000 pixels wide and the image scaled to fit. Holding your phone or tablet in portrait mode and maximising windows may help.

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