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What is The Young Theatre?

It is a theatre group for young people, run by young people.

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The Young Theatre Aims:

These Aims are extracted from the Constitution of The Young Theatre

The Young Theatre Concepts

The Young Theatre is -
A theatre group for young people, run by young people
The Young Theatre aims to stimulate an interest in theatre by -
Creating a supportive environment for learning and experimentation
Facilitating practical training and active participation in all aspects of theatre
Maintaining a high standard of performance and presentation in all productions
Encouraging participation in all the group’s activities
The Young Theatre members -
Are a team - and a team of teams
Show commitment and respect, and accept responsibility
Understand that “the more you put in - the more you get out”
Believe that “if it’s worth doing - it’s worth doing well”
The Young Theatre is not -
A social club - but is very sociable .
A believer in “oh, that’ll do” - but is conscious of limits on time and money
Run by grown-ups - but accepts and welcomes their advice, guidance, support and encouragement

The Young Theatre looks to the future - but is proud of its past.

“Think not what Young Theatre can do for you -
but rather what you can do for Young Theatre”

- Group Director (1982-1984) Michael Wicherek paraphrasing John F. Kennedy

The Young Theatre Ethos

Ethos [_thos - (Greek) nature, disposition ]
the characteristic spirit or attitudes of the individual, group, etc.
The Young Theatre should be an exciting environment that -
- encourages learning and participation
by providing the opportunities for members to learn and actively participate fully in all aspects of the theatre
- develops a strong sense of team spirit
the “all for one & one for all” philosophy where taking pleasure at other members’ success and supporting others when things go wrong are considered an integral part of being a member of The Young Theatre
- encourages members to take pride in the group
its reputation - its standard of productions - and the part they play in the group
- emphasises the responsibilities of membership
- encourages honesty - integrity - loyalty - commitment and trust
- encourages an active involvement in the community.


An important and integral element of Young Theatre thinking is the use of mentors; people with knowledge, experience and expertise of the various aspects of either running a production or running a group such as this. Mentors are selected and approached by the Executive Committee and are prepared to work with the membership and provide pro-active advice, guidance, encouragement, support and assistance to the members of the Executive Committee, sub-committees and production teams. However, the all-important aspect of YT remains - namely that all executive decisions are taken by the Executive Committee made up of members elected at the group‘s Annual General Meeting and not by any adults who have been invited along to help out in this way.

This section was compiled in discussion with the members of The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield) in 2004

Young Theatre Members

With membership comes certain RESPONSIBILITIES. All Members are expected

By becoming a Member of The Young Theatre, Members also agree to

(At Beaconsfield, there are Wendy Hiller Bursaries available, with a maximum of three such Bursaries which can be awarded each season. Each bursary consists of the payment of the full annual subscription for the season, and is available, on application, to anyone wishing to belong to the group but being unable to meet the cost of the membership subscription.)

With effect from September, 2012 members should ensure they are members at groupspaces where they can download files relating to the Annnual General Meeting, the group's Constitution, and so on.

If you would like more information or would be interested in possibly starting a Young Theatre group of your own, please contact us using the 'write' button below.

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