Ex-Members of The Young Theatre

from both Harrow and Beaconsfield

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Where are you now?

We very much want to hear from as many ex-members of The Young Theatre as possible—from either Harrow or Beaconsfield—so why not tell us . . .

  • Where are you now?
  • What are you up to?
  • What have you been doing since leaving YT?
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Let us know your YT story by getting in touch. There are many ways; select the envelope icon on the 'icon-bar' at the foot of most of our pages and choose your preferred method. We are on Twitter as @YTArchive, have both a private Facebook Group you can join and a public Facebook Page you can 'Like', we have an intermittent (~monthly) email newsletter called Archiver you can subscribe to, we have a public email address, and a web-form you can complete. Any one of Twitter, Facebook and Archiver will tell you when the web site is updated so you can choose your level or interaction. If you contact us, we will not release your email address to anyone but will try to honour requests for ex-members to be put in touch with others. We reserve the right to publish—or not—your YT related stories and will honour reasonable requests to take things down if someone spills the beans about your dark side.

You can see what ex-members are up to in XYT News; there is a link above and on every XYT page. We began gathering Members' YT memories for the 50th anniversary and they can be seen on the Memories micro-site to which your story may be added. Members and ex-members can check whether they are on the membership record of the Harrow or Beaconsfield group. Please ensure you are included.

If you are in contact with any other ex-members of YT, then please tell them about this site - we would very much like to hear from them too!

Where are they now?

Whilst we are always anxious to establish contact with any XYT-ites, we'd particularly like to hear from any ex-members of The Young Theatre at Harrow who were involved with the group in the very early years. Among them, people like ... Neil and Clive Saunders ... Julia and Jacky Fryer ... John and Linda Bradley ... Margaret Tweedy and Ian & Maureen Ross (née Montieth) ... so if anyone can let us know how to make contact with these “stalwarts” of those early days, we'd be most grateful. We'd also like to hear from ex-Group Directors Martin Govas, Eric Bottomley, and Lesley Simons.

. . . and also from the ex-members of The Young Theatre at Beaconsfield who were so involved during the first few years of the group's existence. People like: Suzanne Sharpe, Moira Herridge, Pat & Suzanne Graves, Morwen Case, Jane Beecroft, Diana & Nicola Holland, Nicola, Lynn & Tracy Jamieson, or indeed anybody else who was involved with the group during those early years.

We are particularly anxious to re-establish contact with those involved in the early years of both groups, but we'd really like to hear from ANY ex-member of either group - from whichever era!

Can you help with this archive?

If you were a member of The Young Theatre—at either Harrow or Beaconsfield—and you have any information/photographs/memorabilia about Young Theatre productions, or indeed about any Young Theatre activities, then we will be delighted to hear from you - so please get in touch with us.

Ian R. Wallace
 (YT Archivist) 
  Tim Hill
(YTA Webmaster)

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