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This page was last modified on 02 May 2020
(Activities suspended due to relocation of me who writes it!!)
July 2014

Ian has had another birthday ("over 21") and it has seriously affected his brain. He simply cannot find anywhere in his paper archive a programme for the Burnham Trophy of 1994 Moment of Truth. We know the plays and directors but have no idea of tha casts involved. If anyone has a copy, please get in touch and IRW will be mightily relieved. If he remembers to be. ;-)
June 2014

Baby Dutton More Congratulations! This time to Jane DuttonSearch the YTArchive and Jez. Their 9lb 2oz baby boy arrived at 3.51am on 15 June.

Many congratulations to Catherine (Cat) LambertSearch the YTArchive and Dave FareySearch the YTArchive on the safe arrival (eventually!) of their daughter Joselyn Ruby Freya at 14:24 on June 14th. The newest little Troublemaker weighed in at 8lbs 2oz - and already seems to know where the camera is!! Joselyn Ruby Freya Farey

Looks Like Love Mark Britton’sSearch the YTArchive latest production “Looks Like Love” had its premier on 15th June. Sponsored by the Beaconsfield Twinning Association, this mini-musical, set outside a picturesque café on an ordinary evening, was Beaconsfield’s contribution to the Fête de la Musique festival in Langres, France — Beaconsfield‘s twin town — on the 21st June. Running just under an hour and sung in English, “Looks Like Love” is also scheduled to be performed as part of the Wooburn Festival in September.

Further to the story below, many more congratulations to Michael HullsSearch the YTArchive on his Outstanding Achievement in Dance Olivier Award for for his body of lighting work including Ballet Boyz — The Talent at Sadler‘s Wells. Very much deserved! Here is is holding it! (Mike has also sent an update about what he has been doing since leaving YT) Michael Hulls with his Olivier Award 2014

May 2014

Mike Hulls' Olivier Award Mike HullsSearch the YTArchivewins an Olivier Award; and John VarahSearch the YTArchive sent me a picture of it. That's a "well done" and "thanks" respectively.
Rick Warden Search the YTArchive has been spotted in the BBC One crime drama Happy Valley playing Inspector Mike Taylor. Ian apologises for not recognising him the first time he appeared! Rick Warden

Who should appear on Facebook this week but Gary Bell Search the YTArchive [and his mum!].

We have heard from Eliot BlagdenSearch the YTArchive & Chris FeaseySearch the YTArchive—from Beaconsfield—and Jill Hartman (Horrocks)Search the YTArchive—from Harrow. Jill has also suggested that the picture immediately below has Clive SaundersSearch the YTArchive in the middle (Neil's younger brother) and that it may be from the YT Harrow production of Last of the Wizards although she isn't totally sure about the production. Can anyone help? Any more memories of YT to share? Anyone?

April 2014

What is this?
This is believed to be a photo from fairly early in YT Harrow’s history (selecting it makes it BIGGER!). Could possibly be Neil Saunders in the centre, but we don‘t know!! It looks like a rehearsal. Can anyone help us with information and/or identifications?
We hear that Phil Macken Search the YTArchive is to become Head of Drama at St.Mary’s School, Gerrards Cross. Congratulations Phil!

March 2014

Good to see that Kit (Chris) LambertSearch the YTArchive had Danny Dyer punched in the face at the end of the episode of Eastenders on 28th March which he wrote. Catch it on BBC iPlayer while you still can.
Wendy Hiller in 1945 It was also marvellous to see and hear (ex-Patron) Dame Wendy Hillier again! One of her very successful films I know where I’m going (1945 — and nominally set in the Hebrides) was shown on BBC2 on 23rd March and was preceded by a short programme which had been put together about the making of it, which included various contemporary interviews with those involved including Dame Wendy.
It was interesting to see a recent rerun of a New Tricks episode on the Drama Channel in which Paul BhattacharjeeSearch the YTArchivefeatured; seeing again what a fine actor he was. He is still missed, but fortunately he‘s left a large number of reminders like this of just how good he was. (our original post from July 2013)

On Saturday 1st March, The Young Theatre organised a “Gala Dinner” to mark the 50 years of YT on the final night of their most recent production, at which IRW was the Guest of Honour. The group staged Pronoun - the play being performed as part of the NT Connections competition. Members from the National Theatre came to see the Friday night performance and the group now awaits their decision as to whether the group will progress to the next stage of the competition.

[Thanks to Jon Fowke for the photo, select the image for a larger version with names.]

YT 50th Anniversary Gala Night Team with IRW
YT 50th Anniversary Gala Night Team with IRW

February 2014

Don't miss all the changes to our 50th Anniversary micro-site with the latest memories of early YT and some 'where are they now?' updates.

Jacquie and Mike

IRW had a very interesting get-together earlier this month with Jacquie Russell and Michael “Midge” Williams (ex-Group Director of YT Harrow) to go through Mike’s YT Memorabilia Box! As a result, IRW is now occupied with collating all the new information into things that will be added to the website as soon as is practical. [Eek! - Ed. :-)]

Many members have been supplying new information about what went on at YT Harrow: we have been able to add several productions to the list, as well as another 72 people who participated in YT Harrow productions in one way or another. There are now nearly 400 names on our Membership List. Let us know if you are missing, mis-spelt etc. [Every name has a YTa button alongside which will google that name in the Archive. Let us know how you get on on

January 2014

As part of the 50th anniversary of the first Harrow meeting (YT’s birthday) we had an excellent response to our request for your memories and lots of new information has surfaced. Please keep it coming. We have posted some YT memories in a special section which is nearly complete today with the addition of Beaconsfield Memories. There may be more in the pipeline: have you sent in yours? If there are further major additions to Memories they will be noted here. We are also collating a number of “Where are they now?” items which will be posted here soon. We hope to continue adding more shows to the Archive as time progresses as there are too many which have cropped up in people's memories which we have not yet listed beyond noting them here and here or here.

Glass of champagne being poured

Happy Birthday, Young Theatre : January 12th 2014 … Age: 50!

Glass of champagne being poured
Helen Sharman Search the YTArchive noticed that Bill TapleySearch the YTArchive guested on 'Doctors' on 8th January. It was posted on the YTArchive facebook group and here is the link to iPlayer [and a great chance to pull out the stops, eh, Bill? ;-)] Bill Tapley
Chiltern Shakespeare Company Chiltern Shakespeare Company‘s next production is As You Like It, directed by Simon Maier. There is a read-through Wednesday 15th January, 7.45pm, High March Upper School, 3 Ledborough Lane, Beaconsfield HP9 2PZ. Auditions will be on Monday 27th and Wednesday 29th January, 7.45pm at the same location.
Re: 50th: IRW has heard from more XYT-ites… from Harrow: Alan HighetSearch the YTArchive and Sue Winder (née Lock)Search the YTArchive. From Beaconsfield: Richard Attlee (Harwood)Search the YTArchive; Gabby VautierSearch the YTArchive; James LipscombeSearch the YTArchive; Penny Robertson (nee Harwood)Search the YTArchive; and Sian CaseSearch the YTArchive. The 50th Anniversary “Supplement” is being compiled and added as you read this! YTA 50 Logo
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