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The Young Theatre at Harrow

Annual Awards

The Carys Tyer Memorial Cups  |  Kay Koré Rosebowl

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Awarded, for outstanding commitment, to the Members contributing most to the overall activities of The Young Theatre during the season

These two trophies were presented in 1964 to The St.Alban’s Junior Drama Group (North Harrow) - later to become The Young Theatre at Harrow - by IAN R.WALLACE, in memory of CARYS TYER who was killed in a car accident in December 1963. Aged just 16 and a promising actress, Carys had worked closely with Ian in planning the setting up of the group.

Award Winners

Junior Cup (Ages 14 and under)
1964 Julia Packer
1965 Linda Bradley
1966 Clive Saunders [?]
1967-69 No Information - Records lost
1970 Jill Horrocks & Robert Glenister
1971-72 No Information - Records lost
1973 Daniel Gloor
1974-78 No Information - Records lost
Carys Tyer Cup
Senior Cup (Ages 15 and over)
1964 Rosemary Hippsley
1965 Neil Saunders
1966 Julia Fryer & Andrew Kitchen
1967 Eileen Houlahan & John Bradley
1968 Ceris Challenger
1969 Jacquie Russell
1970 Clive Saunders
1971 Margot Hopkins & Alan Highet
1972 Rowena Gura
1973 Philippa Kitchen
1974 John Graham
1975 Gill Evans
1976-77 No information - records lost
1978 Paul Moran

It is believed that neither Cup was awarded between 1979 & 1982.

When the group disbanded in 1982, it was discovered that, regrettably, the Junior Cup had been lost; but the Senior Cup was recovered and subsequently transferred to the Young Theatre at Beaconsfield Awards where, in 1987, it became the Carys Tyer Memorial Cup for Members aged 14 or under.


This trophy was presented by KAY KORÉ in 1970 to be awarded to the Member contributing most to the technical activities side of The Young Theatre productions during the season
Award Winners
1970 Maureen Monteith
1971 Philippa Kitchen
1972 Barbara Wertheim
1973 Graham Bishop
1974 Alan Highet
1975 Jacquie Russell
1976 Dave Smart
1977 Hannah Lubich
1978 Judy Gray

It is believed that this Trophy was not awarded between 1979 & 1982.

When The Young Theatre (Harrow) closed in 1982, the trophy was handed back to Kay, who subsequently agreed that it should be transferred to Beaconsfield’s awards and used as the Senior Cup. It was first presented in September 1988 at Beaconsfield for the 1987/88 Season.

Ten Year Service Awards

1973 Clive Saunders & Margaret Tweedy
This was the only time that these awards were made

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