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The Young Theatre


at Beaconsfield

a theatre group for young people, run by young people

The Young Theatre Archive



2014-Graham Southgate 
2012-2014Mark Oldknow[returned to role of Artistic Director]
2009-2012Liz Beckmann acting President[Resigned]
2002-2009Ian R. Wallace, Esq.[Resigned]
1989-2002Sheila Anderson Newland[Retired]
1970-1989Lady Anne Burnham 


2014-Helen Sendall 
2012-2014Graham Southgate[became President]
2008-Helen Sharman 
2006-2009Liz Beckmann 
2002-2009Mark Britton, Esq.[Resigned]
2002-2012Tim Hill, Esq.[Resigned]
1997-2002Dr. Aviva Wiseman 
1991-2002Ian R.Wallace, Esq.[became President]
1970-1997Michael Wiseman, Esq. 
1970-1991Lady Felicity Harwood[Retired]



2015-Ben Krebs
2015-Tom McGrath
2015-Helen Sendall
2015-Xye Appleton
2010-Chloe Mantripp
2008-Martin Haswell Deferred Award given in 2004
2008-Cameron Gower-PooleDeferred Award given in 2004
2008-Angela Wesmacott 
2006-2010Cindy Linley (dec'd) 
2006-Lara HenryDeferred Award given in 2004
2004-Nell Charleston 
2004-James Cooke}
2004-Peter Sharman} Cast of Ball Boys
2004-Phil Macken}
2004-Jonathan Fowke 
2004-Russell Brownbill 
2004-Tim Hill 
2002-Mark Oldknow 
2001-2004Neil Ridyard 
2001-Liz Beckmann 
2001-Ally Hill 
1997-2019Sheila Anderson Newland 
1997-Helen Sharman 
1995-Graham Southgate 
1992-2022Kay Koré 
1991-2007Lady Felicity Harwood 
1989-1998Lady Anne Burnham 
1989-Mark Britton 
1988-David Owen 
1982-Ian R.Wallace 
1980-2002Aviva Wiseman 
1974-1980Major Rimmer[Hall Barn Estates]



2021-2022[see Council] 
2019-2021Elli Damarell 
2018-2019Kieran McPhillips 
2017-2018Matt Shagra 
2015-2017Katie Vowles 
2014-2015Ben Krebbs 
2011-2014Tom McGrath 
2010-2011Sophie Gordon[Resigned]
2008-2010Chloe Mantripp 
2007-2008Gareth Webb 
2006-2007Nell Charleston 
2004-2006Martin Haswell(Group Chairman)
2004Helen Sharman (Group Chairman)
2003-2004Cindy Linley (Group Chairman)
2002-2003Helen Sharman 
2001-2002Andy Macken 
2000-2001Becky Sharman 
1998-2000Rob Bowen 
1997-1998Jonathan Fowke 
1996-1997Dave Farey 
1995-1996Richard Benstock 
1992-1995Graham Southgate 
1991-1992Karen Ogborn 
1990-1991Sophie Arnold 
1989-1990Bill Tapley 
1988-1989Mark Britton 
1986-1988Paul Bacon 
1985-1986Mark Oldknow 
1984-1985Peter Witts 
1982-1984Michael Wicherek 
1981-1982Ian R.Wallace 
1978-1981Mark Britton 
1976-1978Nigel Davies 
1970-1976Ian R.Wallace 



2015-Mark Oldknow 
2012-2015Xye Appleton 
2006-2012Mark Oldknow[Resigned]
2004-2006Cindy Linley 
2000-2004Mark Oldknow 
1997-2000Ally Hill 
1990-1997Helen Sharman 
1988-1990Ian R.Wallace 
1982-1988Mark Britton 
1976-1982Ian R.Wallace 



Known as General Manager before 2016/7 season
2014-Tom McGrath 
2011-2014No appointment 
2007-2011Paul Henry (Resigned) 
2006-2007Helen Sharman 


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The Young Theatre (Harrow). Historical Information.
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