The Young Theatre at Beaconsfield’s entries into drama festivals in Maidenhead, Henley and AETF(Eastern)


March-May 2016

Maidenhead, Henley and AETF(Eastern)

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Home Shadow Of the Giants Home Free! Helen Trailer Festival Successes

Home Free!

by Lanford Wilson

15 March: Maidenhead Festival, Norden Farm

16 April: All England Theatre Festival, Eastern Area Final, Walton-on-Thames

6 May: Henley Festival, The Kenton Theatre

An evocative and haunting drama filled with fun, games, adventures and surprises. Worlds collide when a brother and sister who live as a married couple are faced with a problem they’re unable to navigate via the make-believe reality they’ve created for themselves.

Lawrence Brown Tom McGrath
Joanna Brown Abbie Verity
Director Mark Oldknow
Technical Manager Matt Shraga
Through to the semi-finals of the All England Theatre Festival at the …
Cecil Hepworth Playhouse
Walton-on-Thames - 16th April 2016
Adjudicator: Jan Palmer-Sayor GODA
… but did not proceed to later stage
Maidenhead Dorcas Gowing Memorial Trophy
The Lynda Whitworth Award
The Roy Bates Memorial Fund donation to the AETF Winners All England Theatre Festival
All England Theatre Festival
Eastern Area Final
Henley Jean Sutherland Memorial Award - Adjudicator's Choice
Tom McGrath-Home Free
Home Shadow Of the Giants Home Free! Helen Trailer Festival Successes

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