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The Rat Trap

by Mark Britton and John Varah

23 - 26 February 1983

The Elgiva Hall, Chesham

by Mark Britton and John Varah. Performed by the Young Theatre in 1983.
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Trap snaps into life

This lively and entertaining rock musical was the culmination of more than 18 months work for two clearly talented young men ... Mark Britton and John Varah ... between them they wrote the dialogue, music and lyrics for The Rat Trap and then set about turning it into a very watchable show ... Mick Padgett as Curley gave a good performance as the main character, while Mark Oldknow was superb as 'Brains' Baverstock ... David Worley excelled as 'Hooker' and Mike Wicherek was just right as the cool, laid-back musician Curt Curtis ... Jackie Phipps did well as Peggy.

The show's music was most enjoyable with some excellent melodies. The title song was one of the highlights ... 'Perhaps It's Love' was another gem ... ... Lynn Anderson, the choreographer, is to be congratulated on her work which helped lift the show well above the ordinary. A lively and thoroughly enjoyable spectacle that displayed a wealth of talent from its authors, actors and musicians.

The Bucks Advertiser

March 3, 1983


Joyous romp with Curly

Instances of amateur theatre groups offering original work penned within the ranks are as rare as hen's teeth ... ... a joyous, irreverent romp through musical eras ... Britton's music proved irresistably catchy, touching on many styles from ballads to 50s-style rock ... Mick Padgett as Curley did much with a lead role, while Jackie Phipps was effective as his younger sister, Peggy - flighty, temperamental and oh-so-immature ... Best, however, were the performances of Peter Witts as rocker Eddie Lightning, Phillip Sheahan as the nostalgia-bound Mr. Popovitch and David Worley as the double-crossing Simon 'Hooker' Sutcliffe.

Bucks Free Press

March 11, 1983

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