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The Rat Trap

by Mark Britton and John Varah

23 - 26 February 1983

The Elgiva Hall, Chesham

by Mark Britton and John Varah. Performed by the Young Theatre in 1983.
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Director Mark Britton
Technical Director John Varah
Musical Director Andy Spiller
Choreography Lynn Anderson
Production Manager Ann McBride
Production Assistants & Props Eleanor Jackson, Abigail Bennett & Suzanne Batholomew
Box-Office & Front-of-House Janine Smails
Assistants Georgina Harvey, Sarah Collins & Tania Schnadhorst
Graphic Design & Magazine Editor Paul Whymant-Morris
Photographs Nico Preston & John Varah
Stage Manager Dennis Carter
Assistant Stage Manager Chris Feasey
Lighting Manager John Varah
Asst. Lighting Manager Mark Laws
Sound Manager Howard Jones
Asst. Sound Manager Nigel Soar
Wardrobe Sarah Williams
Make-Up Helen Dean & Ann Roger
Set Design Bobby Giles
Lighting Design Bruce Andrews & John Varah
Setting Props Daniel Bennett
Follow-Spot Operators Mark Laws, Chris Barry & Joe Viall
Stage Crew Paul Dean, Simon Read & Daniel Bennett
Stage Construction Richard Goodier, Dave Allen, Julian Britton, Chris Barry, Med & David Willcox
Drag Bike Nico Preston & Dario Ciriello
Home Handbill Cast Musicians Production & Technical Photographs  Press

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