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Founder Member, The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield), 1970
Vice President, The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield) 2002—2012
Honorary Life Member of The Young Theatre since 2004
Webmaster, The Young Theatre Archive

It's said that Tim was born at a young age with hair, and survived his childhood despite nearly drowning in the Solent! His numerous and varied abilities developed rapidly and were assiduously nurtured when he became a founding member of The Young Theatre at Beaconsfield.

Having initially vehemently insisted that he wanted only to work backstage, Tim became "internationally renowned" for saying the first words in any Young Theatre at Beaconsfield production ("Come on, don't be afraid. I'll do all the talking" as Peter James in The Sea-King's Daughter, January 1971). His next role reflected what was subsequently to become his day job for the next 25 years (a lending banker who ended up training other bank managers). As the rascally banker, Silas Snaker in Hiss The Villain he performed blatant overcharging while mis-selling pensions and payment protection insurance. No . . . wait . . . !

Over the considerable number of years that followed the inaugural meeting, Tim contributed a great deal to the development of The Young Theatre - and successfully added to the wealth of his own inimitable and diverse talents through a series of continuously changing roles - which a lot of YT people believe brought about the formulating of the phrase "a moving target... etc"!! He also developed a reputation as a creative lighting designer, working not only with The Young Theatre - memorably on Ian Wallace's production of "The Crucible" in 1995 - but also with a number of other local theatre groups.

He diversified further still with Tight Fit Theatre - (the professional theatre company set up by other ex-YT members, Mark Oldknow, Karen Ogborn and Jonathan Fowke in 1996) - for whom he has both appeared onstage and been heavily involved with the technical side of production. He is currently Tight Fit Theatre's Company Producer.

Tim has - one way or another - remained involved with The Young Theatre at Beaconsfield either on the fringes or in the centre of the action since its formation in 1970. Typically, he remains stoically at his post (whatever that happens to be at the time!) displaying those qualities which have made him so valuable to the group. He was married to Ally Hill, an ex-member and Artistic Director and their daughter Siobhan, too, was a member. His expertise with the web was "hijacked" when this archive site needed to be set up - and he now acts as the YTArchive's webmaster.

In 2002, in recognition of his contribution to YT over the years, he was made a Vice-President.... Tim is indeed a man of many parts - but, as some of his friends like to say, unfortunately not all of them are working as well as they used to . . . ! [You can say that again. - tjrh]

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