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Festivals 2022<br />May<br />Bar and Ger. New 16-Jul-2022
Katheryn Howard<br />Oct<br />New, 23-Feb-2022
Film Festival - BT<br />May<br />New, 01-Nov-2021
Twelfth Night - RK<br />Aug<br />New, 03-Jan-2020
Burnham Film Festival<br />May<br />Results added, 04-June-2020
Festivals 2020 - F<br />Apr<br />New, furloughed show + pics, 17-May-2020
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - F<br />Apr<br />Reinstated furloughed show + pics, 17-May-2020
Hamlet - F<br />Mar<br />Reinstated furloughed show + pics, 17-May-2020
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs<br />Dec<br />+ pix, 10-2-2020; cast, crew 7-1-2020; New, 14 Mar 2019
Shakespeare Redux - BT<br />Jul<br />+ images, prog pages: 7-10-2019; New 30-11-2018
Festivals 2019<br />Mar<br />New, 8-10-2019
Wendy and Peter Pan<br />Apr<br />Added cast and crew, 31-May-2019. New 30-11-2018
Terra/Earth<br />Mar<br />+Pics, cast, crew etc. 8-10-2019; New 30-11-2018
Jack and the Beanstalk<br />Dec<br />+newsletter 12-Jun-2021
Flanders Fields<br />Nov<br />Added cast, poster, notes 26-Feb-2019; New 30-11-2018
What Greater Glory<br />Aug<br />New, 22-May-2019
Lords and Ladies<br />Jul<br />+10 photos, +press review, corrected cast & crew 10-Jun-2021
Festivals 2018<br />Apr<br />~Henley dates from 30/4-5/5, 05-Jul-2021
Macbeth<br />Apr<br />Cast pix 12-03-2019, Pix 19-09-2018, new 16 Apr 2018
Cinderella<br />Dec<br />Added programme extracts, 3 Dec 2018; New, 26 Jan 2018
Future Imperfect - BT<br />Jul<br />New, 5 Aug 2017
1984<br />Apr<br />+YT's web page, +updated, 15-May-2021
Festivals 2017<br />Apr<br />~Henley dates from 3-6, 05-Jul-2021
Dick Whittington and His Cat<br />Dec<br />New 6 Jan 2017
What Greater Glory<br />Nov<br />+www page, 15-May-2021; New 9 Jan 2017
Maskerade<br />Jul<br />Added reh., photo; mobile friendly, 03-Mar-2019. Completed, 12 Aug 2016
Festivals 2016<br />Apr<br />~Henley dates from 4-7, 05-Jul-2021
Daisy Pulls it Off<br />Mar<br />Completed, 26 April 2015
Eclipse<br />Feb<br />Updated, 10-Apr-2018. Updated, 22 Oct 2015
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs<br />Dec<br />Updated, 10 Feb 2016
A Midsummer Night's Dream<br />Sep<br />New, 9 Feb 2016
The Home Front - BT<br />Jul<br />Added About, 10-May-2020
Merchant of Venice<br />Apr<br />production team, trailer, handbill and poster. Tidied up photos. 13 Mar 2018
Festivals 2015<br />Apr<br />~Henley dates from 6-9, 05-Jul-2021
Aladdin<br />Dec<br />Updated, Crew 17-Mar-2018.
King Lear<br />Oct<br />Standard Album, Slideshow 13-Mar-2018. New, 18 May 2015
Winnie the Pooh<br />May<br />Standard Album, Slideshow 13-Mar-2018. New, 22 May 2015
Festivals 2014<br />Apr<br />+note about Henley, 05-Jul-2021
50th Anniversary, Pronoun & Domby-Dom<br />Feb<br />Added 13 March, 2014
Jack and the Beanstalk<br />Dec<br />Standard Album, Slideshow 13-Mar-2018.
A Midsummer Night’s Dream<br />Jul<br />New Menu and Image Script 6 Dec 2016
The Witches<br />Apr<br />Slideshow 13-Mar-2018. New Menu and Image Script 6 Dec 2016
Festivals 2013<br />Apr<br />+press, No Picnic 11-Jul-2021
Sleeping Beauty<br />Dec<br />Added 25 March 2014
Funny Bones<br />Dec<br />New, 4 Feb 2017
Ambition - BT<br />Jul<br />Added 01 April 2014
James and the Giant Peach<br />Apr<br />Mobile friendly, + cast photo, 06-Jun-2020
Festivals 2012<br />Apr<br />+Henley dates, 05-Jul-2021
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs<br />Dec<br />Slideshow 13-Mar-2018. New Menu and Image Script 6 Dec 2016
Thirteen<br />Jul<br />Slideshow 13-Mar-2018. New Menu and Image Script 6 Dec 2016
The Crucible<br />Apr<br />Updated, photos added, 27 Jan 2018
Social Evening<br />Mar<br />Last edited before 2014
Aladdin<br />Dec<br />Last edited before 2014
An Inspector Calls<br />Oct<br />Standard Album, Slideshow 13-Mar-2018.
Decades - BT<br />Jul<br />Last edited before 2014
Festivals 2010<br />May<br />+Henley dates, 05-Jul-2021
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe<br />Apr<br />Updated, repaired Flickr link with stored photos, 29 Jan 2018
Cinderella<br />Dec<br />Updated, Fixed Flickr link, 24 Jan 2018
Seven Deadly Sins - BT<br />Jul<br />+ programmes scans, + mobile friendly 19-Apr-2020
Festivals 2009<br />Apr<br />~Henley dates, were 6-9, 05-Jul-2021
Macbeth<br />Feb<br />Updated, fixed photos, 30 Jan 2018
Confusions<br />Nov<br />Last edited before 2014
Festivals 2008<br />Apr<br />Updated, 25 Aug 2017
Oliver<br />Feb<br />Slideshow 13-Mar-2018. New Menu and Image Script 6 Dec 2016
Hamlet<br />Sep<br />Standard Album, Slideshow 13-Mar-2018. New, 9 Feb 2016
Wyrd Sisters<br />Jul<br />+programme, +poster, updated, 13-May-2021
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead<br />Apr<br />Updated wnew photos 23 June 2017
Festivals 2007<br />Apr<br />Updated, 25 Aug 2017
Canterbury Tales<br />Jan<br />Last edited before 2014
Comedy Tonight<br />Jul<br />Last edited before 2014
The Wind in the Willows<br />Apr<br />Updated, 08-May-2021
Festivals 2006<br />Apr<br />+Henley dates, ~Adjudicators, 05-Jul-2021
Those Good Old Days<br />Jan<br />Last edited before 2014
Isolation - BT<br />Jul<br />Updated and Programme added 11-Mar-2019; new, 2007.
Festivals 2005<br />Apr<br />New, 28 Aug 2017
The Importance of being Earnest<br />Mar<br />Last edited before 2014
the Witches<br />Jan<br />Updated, 09-May-2021
Just For Laughs<br />Jul<br />+programme, +ticket, mobile friendly
Festivals 2004<br />Apr<br />+Henley dates, 05-Jul-2021
Alice<br />Apr<br />Updated to latest format, 23-Dec-2018
Ball Boys<br />Mar<br />+ Amateur Stage extracts, 14 Dec 2017
mister Scrooge<br />Jan<br />5 New photos, programme and ticket 24 Oct 2018;
The Wiz<br />Apr<br />Updated, 08-May-2021
Hysteria<br />Dec<br />updated, + programme scans 20-Apr-2020
Once a Catholic<br />Jul<br />Last edited before 2014
Festivals 2002<br />Apr<br />New, 20 Aug 2017
Billy Liar<br />Apr<br />Last edited before 2014
A Midsummer Night's Dream<br />Jan<br />Last edited before 2014
Reflections - BT<br />Jul<br />Last edited before 2014
Daisy Pulls It Off<br />Apr<br />Mobile compliant, 28 Feb 2019; Updated, 29 Feb 2016
Festivals 2001<br />Apr<br />Standard Album, Slideshow 13-Mar-2018. Updated, 30 Aug 2017
That’s Entertainment<br />Jan<br />+3 photos, 20-Apr-2021
Celebration 2000<br />Jul<br />Last edited before 2014
Merchant of Venice<br />Apr<br />Standard Album, Slideshow 13-Mar-2018. New, 23 May 2015
Maskerade<br />Jan<br />New, 24 May 2015
Farndale ... Murder Mystery<br />Nov<br />New, 23 Apr 2021
Destiny - BT<br />Jul<br /> ^mobile, +poster, +programme, +pre-press, 19-Apr-2021
Sex, Mice & Sci-Fi<br />May<br />New, 01 Jan 2018
Animal Farm<br />Apr<br />Last edited before 2014
Festivals 1999<br />Apr<br />Added cast list + press review, 01 Jan 2018
Bugsy Malone<br />Jan<br />+Press cuttings, +programme extracts 02-Apr-2021
A Night to Remember<br />Nov<br />New, 28 Feb 2018
Card Play<br />Jul<br />Last edited before 2014
Festival Evening<br />May<br />New, 16-May-2021
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe<br />Apr<br />Updated, 27 Sep 2017
Festivals 1998<br />Apr<br />+programme, +press reviews, 16-May-2021
Dazzle<br />Jan<br />Standard Album, Slideshow 13-Mar-2018. Added photographs, 02 Dec 2017
Chaos Theory - BT<br />Jul<br />Last edited before 2014
Charity Revue - T<br />Jul<br />New, 11-May-2021
Festival Night<br />May<br />New, 24-May-2021
Mort<br />Apr<br />Added photos, handbill, programme pages, 05 Dec 2017
Festivals 1997<br />Apr<br />+programme, +cast lists, 24-May-2021
Phoenician Women<br />Jan<br />Slideshow 13-Mar-2018. Added photos, press clippings, 31.10.17
The Owl and the Pussycat Went to See…<br />Jul<br />New, 25 May 2015
Festivals 1996<br />Apr<br />+programme, +press, +cast, 22-May-2021
A Winter's Tale<br />Apr<br />Last edited before 2014
Alice Through The Looking Glass<br />Jan<br />+3 photos, programme cover, replaced press cutting, mobile friendly,11 mar 2018
Agnes of God<br />Sep<br />Review of 1995 added, 13 Sep 2017
Our Day Out<br />Jul<br />New, 25 May 2015
Festivals 1995<br />Apr<br />+programmes, +press, 20-May-2021
The Crucible<br />Apr<br />Rescanned and new photo 23-Nov-2019; Updated to mobile 19-Oct-2019;
Snow White<br />Jan<br />New, 25 May 2015
The Beeple<br />Jul<br />Slideshow 13-Mar-2018. New, 17 Aug 2017
Moment of Truth - BT<br />Apr<br />Added press cutting, mobile friendly, 07 Mar 2018
Festivals 1994<br />Apr<br />Added Cast, Press, awards + 1, 20 Jan 2018
A Tale of Two Cities<br />Jan<br />Last edited before 2014
Black Comedy<br />Sep<br />New, 07 Dec 2017
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory<br />Jul<br />Last edited before 2014
Festivals 1993<br />Apr<br />Added partial cast lists + press reviews, 02 Dec 2017
Winnie the Pooh<br />Jan<br />completed 25 Sep 2014
Blithe Spirit<br />Sep<br />Last edited before 2014
The Deserted House<br />Apr<br />New, 21 Nov 2017
Festivals 1992<br />Apr<br />Added cast, press and adjudicator, 07 Dec 2017
Sweeny Todd Shock 'N' Roll Show<br />Dec<br />New, 09 Dec 2017
Echoes - BT<br />Jul<br />Last edited before 2014
Festivals 1991<br />Apr<br />New content 16 Sep 2017
The Great Cross Country Race<br />Jan<br />Last edited before 2014
The Good, the Bad and the ...<br />Nov<br />New. 14 Dec 2017
Rebels<br />Jul<br />New, 04 Jan 2018
Festivals 1990<br />Apr<br />Updated, 21 Aug 2017
Lloyds Bank Young Theatre Challenge<br />Mch<br />New, 07 Jan 2018
Tinderbox<br />Jan<br />Mobile friendly, 16-Apr-2021
Shadows - BT<br />Jul<br />Last edited before 2014
Last of the Wizards<br />Apr<br />Last edited before 2014
The Dracula Spectacula<br />Jan<br />Tickets, programme 9-Nov-2019;
Images - BT<br />Jul<br />Last edited before 2014
The Evil Eye of Gondor<br />Apr<br />Updated. Added two press cuttings, poster. 13 Mar 2018
Festivals 1988<br />Apr<br />New but limited, 29 Aug 2017
South Coast Tour, 1987<br />Aug<br />4 new photos, captions, press, programme, casts 04 Feb 2018
Time - BT<br />Jul<br />Last edited before 2014
Festivals 1987<br />Apr<br />Updated, 21 Aug 2017
Snow Queen<br />Jan<br />+press +pre-press +re-scanned photos, 4-May-2021; mobile friendly, 18-Apr-2021
Voices - BT<br />Jul<br />Mobile friendly, +photo: Stereotypes, 28-Jun-2020
And a Little Love Besides<br />Apr<br />+Programme cover, +ticket, +photo, 25-Jun-2020
Festivals 1986<br />Apr<br />Updated, 21 Aug 2017
Toad of Toad Hall<br />Jan<br />+ cast and crew list, 03-Mar-2020
Social Evening<br />Nov<br />New, 3 Mar 2018
The Wiz<br />Jul<br />+more pix; latest format, 2-2-21;
Festival Supper<br />Apr<br />New, 3 Mar 2018
Festivals 1985<br />Apr<br />New but limited, 29 Aug 2017
The Owl and the Pussycat Went to See…<br />Dec<br />New, 12-Jan-2019.
Look Back in Anger<br />Sep<br />New, 3 Mar 2018
3-Play<br />Jul<br />Added ticket, programme, and press. 22-May-2020
Pied Piper<br />Apr<br />+photo of Noris and Boris, 25-Jun-2020
Festivals 1984<br />Apr<br />Flies in July: updated +photo, 22 Jan 2018
Billy Liar<br />Dec<br />New, 31 Jan 2017
Edinburgh Tour<br />Aug<br />Last edited before 2014
Stage-3<br />Jul<br />New, 24-Jun-2020
Here We Go<br />Apr<br />Updated 16 Oct 2018.
The Rat Trap<br />Feb<br />Re-scans & new photos 09-Nov-2019; New 30-Nov-2000
Social Evening<br />Nov<br />New, 24 Sept 2017
Contrasts '82<br />Apr<br />+programme, +ticket, +pre-press 16-Mar-2021
Le Bal de Mannequins<br />Jul<br />New, 30 May 2015
Harlequin - H<br />Sep<br />New, 28-May-2021
South Coast Tour, 1981<br />Aug<br />Re-scanned and new photos 23-Nov-2019;
Zodiac - H<br />May<br />New, 28-May-2021
The Deserted House<br />Apr<br />Press photo, Emily Hone photo, searchable cast and crew list, 28-Mar-2018.
Contrasts'81<br />Apr<br />New, 04-May-2020
Smike<br />Jan<br />+pre-press, +press reviews, +re-scanned and +new photos, updated, 19-May-2021
Snow Queen - H<br />Nov<br />New, 28-May-2021
Interchange (inc H)<br />Apr<br />New. 30-May-2021
Festivals 1980<br />Apr<br />Added Festival ’80 programme and crew, 27 Nov 2017
The Story of Snow White<br />Jan<br />+re-scanned pix, +programme, 18-Apr-2021+ press cuttings, 15-Apr-2021;
Peace Loving Men - H<br />Sep<br />Pic linked frm r/h miniature replaced with larger, 10 Mar 2018
Punch and Judy - H<br />Sep<br />Updated. One new photo; two now larger, 10 Mar 2018
Contrasts '78<br />Jul<br />+ Press, programme, tickets, handbill 23-Feb-2021
Façade & Five Foot and Under - H<br />Jul<br />Mobilised 01 Oct 2018; Added 13 March, 2014
The Insect Play - H<br />May<br />New Menu and Image Script 6 Dec 2016
The Dragon<br />Jan<br />Last edited before 2014
And the Piper Played - H<br />Dec<br />Slideshow 13-Mar-2018.
St George and the Dragon - H<br />May<br />Slideshow 13-Mar-2018. New Menu and Image Script 6 Dec 2016
They Came to a City<br />Apr<br />Last edited before 2014
By Common Consent - H<br />Apr<br />Updated; + 3 photos; + captions; press now mobile friendly, 09 Mar 2018
Festivals 1977<br />May<br />Updated, 19 Aug 2017
Wizard of Oz - H<br />Dec<br />Slideshow 13-Mar-2018.
Aesop's Falables - H<br />Oct<br />Updated to house style 9 Jan 2017
Pilgrim '76<br />Apr<br />Slideshow + Updated 05-Apr-2018.
Best Choice<br />Jan<br />+mobile, +handbill, +ticket, +press, +programme, 19-Apr-2021
The Great Cross-Country Race - H<br />Dec<br />completed 8 Nov 2016
The Beeple<br />Jan<br />Last edited before 2014
Ritual For Dolls - H<br />Oct<br />Mobilised 01 Oct 2018; Completed, 12 Aug 2016
Relationships - H<br />Jun<br />Added photo and full casts,08 Dec 2017
B-Alpha-4 - H<br />May<br />Slideshow 13-Mar-2018. New, 9 Nov 2017
Deserted House<br />Apr<br />Last edited before 2014
The Innocents - H<br />Mar<br />Updated 17 Oct 2018
Alice Through the Looking Glass<br />Jan<br />Last edited before 2014
The Tinderbox - H<br />Dec<br />completed 8 Nov 2016
Noah's Flood - H<br />Jul<br />Updated, 23 July 2017
Stage Four<br />Jun<br />New press + prog, better pics and mobile friendly  08-Mar-2020
The Last of the Wizards - H<br />May<br />New photo, 07 Jan 2018
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe<br />Jan<br />New: press clippings & tickets, 18-Mar-2020
The Tasks of Ming Lo - H<br />Dec<br />Added press review, 08 Dec 2017
Pilgrim '70 - H<br />Jun<br />Updated to mobile compliance, 8-4-2018. Completed, 12 Aug 2016
Lady Precious Stream<br />Jun<br />+Programme, +Mobile, 20-Apr-2021
Contrasts<br />Apr<br />Re-made scans, updated 20-Jun-2019; New 27-Oct-2001
A Festival - H<br />Feb<br />New, 17 Jan 2018
The Sea King's Daughter<br />Jan<br />Rescanned & 3 new pics 09-Nov-2019;
Dick Whittington - H<br />Dec<br />Mobile friendly 30-Mar-2021
The Importance of Being Earnest<br />May<br />New, 17-Sep-2021
Sailor Beware - H<br />May<br />Mobile friendly 04-Apr-2021
Alice in Wonderland - H<br />Dec<br />Slideshow 13-Mar-2018.
The Deserted House - H<br />May<br />Updated with better photos and press, 13-Feb-2022
Toad of Toad Hall - H<br />Dec<br />Updated incl., new scans 28-May-2019. Previously edited 2013.
The Critic - H<br />Mar<br />3 pix higher res. 02-Jul-2021
The Sea King's Daughter - H<br />May<br />Mobile friendly & updated images 16 Sep 2018; new in 2001
The Star Still Shines - H<br />Dec<br />new format; new pics 15-07-2022
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - H<br />May<br />New Video 28-Oct-2019; Photos fixed 31 Oct 2018;
The Magic Mirror - H<br />Jul<br />Updated 28 Sep 2018; Last edited before 2014

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