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After an initial “find-your-feet” period of about eight months, The Young Theatre (at Harrow) - including its early incarnations as The St.Alban's Junior Drama Group [1964-66] and The Young Theatre (St Alban’s) [1966-1970] - was administered by an Executive Committee made up largely of the young people themselves, and encompassing the full range of members’ ages. After the introduction in September 1966 of the first written Constitution, these Committees were elected at each Annual General Meeting.

Unfortunately many of the records of the Harrow group have been lost, so the information regarding the composition of these Committees is somewhat limited. The following is all that is currently known - and any further information would be most welcome.

Unfortunately no records exist for the years 1964 to 1966. A committee was elected by the members, but was less formal than in subsequent years. The first official Executive Committee was elected for the 1966-7 Season, and was as follows:

Executive Committee 1966-7
Group Director Ian R. Wallace
Asst. Group Director Martin Wallace
Junior Asst. Director Neil Saunders
Secretary Mary Goodes
Treasurer Julia Fryer
Membership Secretary Andrew Kitchen
Asst. Treasurer Alison Sandell
Stage Manager Dave Maskell

When the first written Constitution was introduced in September 1966 this set out the future composition of the Executive Committee, although this did tend to be modified slightly from season to season.

Post \ Season 1967-8 1968-9
Group Director Ian R. Wallace Martin Govas
Secretary Julia Fryer Janet Gwyn
Treasurer Susan Lock Jacquie Russell
Membership Secretary Andrew Kitchen Ceris Challenger
Magazine Editor Neil Saunders Neil Saunders
Stage Manager ? John Thurley Ian Ross
Production Manager ? Kay Koré Julia Fryer
Over 14 Rep. ? ?
Under 14 Rep. ? Clive Saunders
Asst.Group Director Martin Wallace n/a
Asst. Magazine Editor [Andrew Kitchen] Gordon Cochran

Post \ Season 1969-70 1970-1
Group Director Kay Koré Kay Koré
Secretary Maureen Montieth Maureen Montieth
Treasurer Jacquie Russell Susan Drane
Membership Secretary Virginia Carter Jacquie Russell
Stage Manager Ian Ross Ian Ross
Graham Fryer¹
Publicity Officer n/a Andrew Kitchen
Magazine Editor Neil Saunders Neil Saunders
Under 14 Rep. Clive Saunders Jill Horrocks
Over 14 Rep. Susan Drane Clive Saunders
Asst. Magazine Editor(s) Ceris Challenger [Maureen Montieth]
¹ = Changed during the Season
Post \ Season 1971-2 1972-3
Group Director Eric Bottomley Andrew Kitchen
Secretary Philippa Kitchen Philippa Kitchen
Treasurer ? Clive Saunders
Membership Secretary Jacquie Russell Jacquie Russell
Stage Manager ? ?
Publicity Officer ?Andrew Kitchen Margot Hopkins
Magazine Editor ?Neil Saunders Graham Bishop
Louise Brooks¹
Under 14 Rep. ? Sarah Bamford
Over 14 Rep. ? Margaret Tweedy
Asst. Magazine Editor(s) ? Jill Horrocks
& John Graham
¹ = Changed during the Season
Post \ Season 1973-4
Group Director Andrew Kitchen
Secretary Jacquie Russell
Treasurer Margaret Tweedy
Membership Secretary John Graham
Stage Manager ?
P. R. O. Kay Moore
Other Members Robert Glenister
Sarah Bamford
Rowena Guru

1975 — 1983
Unfortunately no records exist for these years. Information required please!

If you have any information relating to the Executive Committees of any season, please contact

The Young Theatre Archivist

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