The Young Theatre at Beaconsfield

Edinburgh Festival

22nd - 27thAugust 1983

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Tone and ang

Flies in July
Flies in July

Preview: Windsor Arts Centre, 16th August 1983

Location: The Viewforth Centre, Edinburgh

Flies In July

By Michael Wicherek
from the story Mouche by Guy de Maupassant
BartMark Oldknow
Tim Ian Wagge
P.B.Tim Palmer
TobyAndrew Chatfield
Directed by Kathryn Gold
Aided & Abetted by the Cast

Tone & Angie‘s Housewarming

By Michael Wicherek
Tony Ian Wagge
Angie Sarah Ayres
Madge Lucinda Smalley
Roger Tim Palmer
Gate-Crasher Mark Oldknow
Directed by Andrew Chatfield
Production Assistant .. Georgina Harvey


By Michael Wicherek
Panna Gobowna Georgina Harvey
Magda Kathryn Gold
Jadia Jackie Phipps
Sadie Elanor Jackson
Kasia Rossanna Bishop
Teacher Tim Palmer
Porter Andrew Chatfield
Franek Peter Machin
Frania Jane Harris
Vendor Ian Wagge
1st Customer Mark Oldknow
2nd Customer Sarah Ayres
3rd Customer Lucinda Smalley
Paper Boy Ann Viney
Hans Paul Dean
Pan Gobba Mark Oldknow
1st Passenger Tim Palmer
2nd Passenger Ian Wagge
3rd Passenger Lucinda Smalley
Directed by Michael Wicherek
Assisted by Ann Viney

Stage Manager Paul Dean
Lighting & Sound Chris Feasey
Costume Lucinda Smalley
Make-Up Kathryn Gold & Mark Oldknow
Properties The Company
Graphics Czeslaw Wicherek & Sarah Ayres
Publicity (Windsor) Andrew Chatfield
Publicity (Edinburgh) Mark Oldknow
Producer Michael Wicherek

Tour Party: Sarah Ayres, Rossanna Bishop, Andrew Chatfield, Paul Dean, Chris Feasey, Kathryn Gold, Jane Harris, Georgina Harvey, Elanor Jackson, Peter Machin, Mark Oldknow, Tim Palmer, Jackie Phipps, Lucinda Smalley, Ann Viney, Ian Wagge and Michael Wicherek.

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