Shared Intent Theatre

A Midsummer Night's Dream

by William Shakespeare

11-13 September 2015

Glory Farm Barn, Winchmore Hill


A joint venture with The Young Theatre
Profits from the production were split between The Young Theatre and The Alzheimer's Society

The Court
Hippolyta Allie Baldwin
Theseus Alexander Northwood
Egeus Haydn Davis
Hermia Katie Vowles
Demetrius Rhyidan Hill
Lysander Tom McGrath
Helena Suzie McPherson
The Mechanicals
Quince Emily Taylor-Callingham
Bottom Rachie Ing
Flute Cecil Scopes
Snout Yoga Murthy
Starveling Saffron Stringer
Snug Molly Sendall
The Elementals
Puck Rebecca Youens
Oberon Antony Sendall
Titania Helen Sendall
Mustardseed Oliver Sendall
Director Mark Oldknow
Choreographer Suzie McPherson
Technical Manager & Lighting Design Ben Krebs
Stage Manager Matt Shraga
Wardrobe Jay Oldknow
Lighting Hire Graham Southgate
Wardrobe Hire Rickmansworth Players
Ass Head Suzie Q Demarco
Scenic Artist Katie Vowles

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