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50th Anniversary

Pronoun & Domby-Dom

Thursday & Friday, 27 & 28 February 2014
Curzon Centre, Maxwell Rd, Beaconsfield
Gala Dinner Evening
Saturday 1st March, 2014 (Pronoun only)
Curzon Centre, Maxwell Rd, Beaconsfield

YT 50

by Evan Placey
National Theatre Connections
Kyle Joe Gocher
Josh Alexander Northwood
Dean Katie Vowles
James Dean Harvey Causon
Dani Lucy-Jane May
Mum & Dad Joe Eales & Yvonne Kelly-Patterson
Laura Anna Reith
Amy Ella Wicks
SMT/Doctors Ewan McPhillips, Lulu Pratt
& Tamsin Ratcliff
Directed by Catherine Hiscock
Also performed on Sunday 4th May at the area finals at North Wall Theatre, Oxford
by Nick Warburton
Fran Askew, Lizzie Baldwin, Jonathan Douglas, Cat Jackson, Zoe Kaye, Lucy-Jane May, Ewan McPhillips, Kieran McPhillips, Alexander Northwood, Tamsin Ratcliff, Anna Reith, Charlotte Scopes, Fianna Smaje, Lily Grafham & Ella Wicks
Directed by Jenny Quille
Performed with Pronoun at the Curzon Centre on Thursday & Friday, February 27th & 28th
Also performed at the Maidenhead Festival in March at Nordern Farm Centre for the Arts
Production Team: (for both plays)
Producer Mark Oldknow
Stage Manager Owen Kelly-Patterson
Lighting Craig Greenhalgh
Wardrobe Katie Dann
Production Design Ben Krebs & Mark Oldknow
ASMs Matthew Cowley, Fin Cuthbert & Will Sherwood
Production Manager Tom McGrath

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