The Young Theatre


by William Shakespeare

Adapted by Mark Oldknow

19-21 February 2009

Adapted by Mark Oldknow. Performed by the Young Theatre in 2009.
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1st Witch Venetia Hatherill
2nd Witch Isabelle Lawn
3rd Witch Eimear Morrin
Malcolm Christian Northwood
Macduff Eliot Blagden
Donalbain Hannah Dutton
Duncan Ethan SeftonMinns
Sergeant Beth Graham
Ross Emma Marks
Angus Chloe Matthews
Lennox Claire Deards
Macbeth Tom Curtis
Banquo Tom McGrath
Lady Macbeth Lucy Kelley-Patterson
Fleance Yvonne Kelley-Patterson
Porter Chris Anstey
Seyton Beth Graham
Ist Murderer Chris Anstey
2nd Murderer Ethan Sefton-Minns
Lady Macduff Sophie Gordon
Macduff‘s child Jessica Firth
Doctor Louise Morris
Gentlewoman Katie Phillipps
Other parts played by members of the company
Directed and adapted by Mark Oldknow
Assisted by Josie Ayres & Gareth Webb
Fight Director Suzie Buckley
Production Manager Alex Firth
Stage Manager Chloe Mantripp
ASMs Dolly Allday, Natalia Deane & Annabelle Moran
Lighting Owen Kelley-Patterson
Sound Jonathan Hobbs
Marketing Manager Isabelle Lawn
Front of House Robyn Giel
Home Handbill Press Programme Cover Cast & Crew Photographs  Group’s webpage

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