The Young Theatre


Adapted from Lewis Carroll’s
“Alice in Wonderland”

by Ian R. Wallace

Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield

15 16 17 April 2004

Adapted from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland by Ian R. Wallace. Performed by the Young Theatre in 2004.
Cast & Crew Photographs  Press & Poster
Charles Lutwidge Dobson John Sharman
Alice Lara Henry
Lorina, her sister Keren Pearson
The White Rabbit Holly Le Ber-Smith
The Mouse Chloe Mantripp
The Dodo Sam Gibbons
The Owl Sean Wilson
The Eagle Georgie Ferrari
The Eaglet Ben Stratton
The Jackdaw Mike Ivens
The Robin Sammi Winetroube
Bill Lizard Steph Beaven
The Frog Footman James Jeans
The Fish Footman Keren Pearson
The Duchess Amy Steadman
The Duchess’ Cook Mel Winetroube
The Queen of Hearts Rebecca Rose
The Knave of Hearts Sean Wilson
The Blue Caterpillar Ben Crowden
The Mad Hatter Chris Henry
The March Hare Phil Macken
The Dormouse Elliot Blagden
The Two of Spades Briony Abbott
The Five of Spades Sarah Baringer
The Seven of Spades Ben Stratton
The King of Hearts James Jeans
The Executioner Steph Beavon
The Gryphon Chester Howie
The Mock Turtle Mike Ivens
all other parts played by members of the company
Director Helen Sharman
Designer Mark OIdknow
Stage Manager Martin Haswell
Asst. Stage Manager Mandy Machado
Costumes Bridget Coles
Properties Cindy Linley
Lighting Ed Griffin
Sound Matthew Willmot
Marketing Harriet Abbott, Lara Henry
& Jamie Ivens
Box-Office Poppy Ross
Programme Ian R. Wallace & Mark Oldknow
Technical Assistance Liz Beckmann, Jane Twydle,
Sharon Calcutt & Nell Charleston
Cast & Crew Photographs  Press & Poster
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