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The Merchant of Venice

by William Shakespeare

adapted by Mark Oldknow

27th, 28th & 29th April 2000

Beacon Theatre, Holtspur, Beaconsfield


Antonio Jamie Jeffcock
Salario Jess Baker
Salanio Jenny Main
Bassanio Andy Macken
Gratiano Alex Mcfadyen
Lorenzo Rory Morrin
Portia Suzie Buckley
Nerissa Aoife Morrin
Servant Izzy Smith
Shylock Rob Bowen
Boy Phil Macken
Launcelot Peter Sharman
Jessica Rosie Earp
Gaoler Katie Whelan
Judge Kerrie Annan
Clerk Tori Cornwell
Directed by Mark Oldknow
Associate Director Carla Quelch
Assistant to Director Chris Henry
Production Coordinator Ally Hill
Asst. to Production CoordinatorLauren Prager
Stage Manager Simon (Pilsbury) Gurney
Deputy Stage Manager Erika Buist
Asst. Stage Managers Gary Boon & Ian Moores
Set Designer Mark Oldknow
Lighting Design Laura Perry
Lighting Operation Ben Tiratsoo
Sound Operator Holly Cant
Costume Mistress Emma Kelly
Property Mistress Victoria Twydle
Make Up Katie Whelan
Construction Rob Bowen; Suzie Buckley; Simon (Pilsbury) Gurney; Andy Macken; Becky Sharman; Ben Tiratsoo; The Boy; & members of the group.
Marketing Becky Sharman
Marketing Assistants Claire Dalelace; Charlotte Larkin; Phil Macken; Katie Whelan & Nikki Matthews
Front of House Shannon Hogan

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