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Our Day Out

A musical Comedy

by Willy Russell

Songs by Bob Eaton, Chris Mellor & Willy Russell

13th, 14th & 15th July 1995

Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield


the Adults
Les / Zoo Keeper Martin Davidson
Briggs Richard Benstock
Mrs. Kay Stephanie Cox
Susan Stephanie Lennon
Colin / Head James Rider
the Children
Carol Emma Sikora
Reilly Gary Boon
Digga Andrew Benstock
Maurice Gemma Burke
Linda Row Lennon
Jackie Shannon Coogan
Bored Girl 1 Jessica Benest
Bored Girl 2 Laura Finlayson
Little Kid Suzie Buckley
Andrews Simon Gurney
Ronson Chris Gurney
Milton Jonathan Lunt
Kid Kerry Burke
Director Suzanne Holyer
Musical Director Sally Davies
Asst. to Director Danielle Benest
Set Designer Graham Southgate
Lighting Designer Jonathan Fowke
Stage Manager James Lipscombe
Props Stuart Kirtly
Wardrobe Becky Sharman
Sound Designer Neil Ridyard
Sound Operator Ben Sansum
Follow-Spot Operator Daniel Hopkins
FOH Managers Isobel Stewart & Danielle Benest
Box-Office Helen Sharman
The Band
Keyboards Sally Davies
Flautist Chris Davidson

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