The Young Theatre

The Dracula Spectacula

or 'Fang's ain't what they used to be'

Book and Lyrics by John Gardiner

Music by Andrew Parr

Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield

5 - 7 January 1989

Book and Lyrics by John Gardiner. Music by Andrew Parr. Performed by the Young Theatre in 1989.
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Nadia Anne-Marie Crawford
Kelly Sophie Hurst
Julie Beverley Gunster
Elvis Gareth Benest
Wayne Richard Hoar
Pilot Sean Taylor
Co-Pilot (Roger) Mathew Wright
Transylvanian Airways Officials Juliet Grieve, Andrea Platt & Anna Fairgrieve
Master Landau Graham Field
Outpatients: Scrub Tanya Baker
Scratch Paul Wilson
Clod Lis Brownbill
Looby Maria Askew
Bogie Derek Field
Riff David Jeffries
Raff Stephen Mathieson
Dregs Anharad Rees-Williams
Boots Kirsty Boon
Booze Claire Rigby
Herr Hans Richard Cayzer
Frau Gretel Karen Ogborn
Professor Nick Rick Warden
Father O’Stake Ryan Witney
Count Dracula Tim Browne
Brides: Katherine Rumens, Catherine Thomas, Juliet Grieve, Andrea Platt & Anna Fairgrieve
Zombies: Geoff Freeman, Adrian South, Russell Brownbill, Sean Taylor, Mathew Wright & Graham Field
Countess Wraith Suzanne Holyer
Genghis Geoff Brown
Musical Directors: Sheila Anderson (Piano)
Richard Peters (Keyboards)
with Paul Bacon (percussion)
and the choir from Butlers Court School
Home Poster Tickets Programme Cast & Musicians Production & Tecnicula Photographs Script

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