The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield)

The Burnham Trophy


15th & 16th July 1988

The Curzon Centre, Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield

The Burnham Trophy

Adjudicators   |  A Day in the Life   |  Reel Dreams   |  Cupid Strikes Twice   |  Festival Team   |  Burnham Trophy

Images. From the programme.
Adjudicators:Friday: Tony McHale
  Saturday:Jenny Tipper
This was the first competition for The Burnham Trophy
The winning play was Cupid Strikes Twice

Hi-Lights presented A Day In The Life

Donna Sophie Hurst
Kevin Gareth Benest
Antony Graham Field
Mother Gina Clarke
Father Adrian South
Phil Tim Browne
Loren Sarah Parsons
Andy Andrew Chisholm
Julie-Ann Juliet Grieve
Marcella Maria Askew
Kirsten Elizabeth Browning
Joanne Anna Fairgrieve
Charlotte Helen White
Rupert Adrian South
Stage Manager Adrian South
Costume & Props The Cast
Front-of-House Juliet Grieve
Written & Directed by Gina Clarke, Graham Field & Sarah Parsons

Who Cares presented Reel Dreams

Reel dreams
Paper Boy Geoff Brown
Amy Tanya Baker
Usherette Rebecca Wallace
Dorothy/Carrie Vivienne Young
Scarecrow/Ricky Geoff Brown
Tin Man/Chris Jonathan Snellgrove
Eddie Andrea Platt
Stagehand Catherine Thomas
Directed by Nicola Walsh

Howzat presented Cupid Strikes Twice

Susan Karen Ogborn
Anne Anharad Rhys Williams
Paul Richard Cayzer
Mike Mathew Wright
Anthony Richard Hoar
Wendy Beverley Gunster
Frank Sean Taylor
Written by Anne-Marie Crawford, Sean Taylor - et al
Programme Cover Danielle Benest
Backstage Danielle Benest, Suzanne Holyer, Russell Brownbill & Claire Rigby
Produced & Directed by Karen Ogborn, Claire Rigby & Anne-Marie Crawford

Technical Manager Alec Siddall
Production Coordinators Paul Bacon, Hayley Brown & Clare Murrell
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