The Young Theatre

Contrasts ’78

A one-act play competition.

Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield

14th & 15th July 1978

A one-act play competition.. Performed by the Young Theatre in 1978.
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The Case of the Disappearing Parlour Maids

by Anthony Barry, Sian Case & Michael Hulls

Viscount Patrick Duffy
Viscountess Phillipa Neal
Henry, their son Mark Oldknow
Priscilla Elaine Grotefeld
Jane Rebecca Davies
Virginia Lucinda Smalley
Lady Montmorency Corinne May
Duke of Rochester Gary Jenner
Duchess of Rochester Barbara Bradt
1st Maid Maggie Reakes
2nd Maid Ann Harris
3rd Maid Louise Clark
Butler Mark White
Director Anthony Barry
Production Secretaries Sally White & Maggie Reakes
Stage Manager Patrick Duffy
ASMs Gary Jenner, Mark Oldknow & Lucinda Smalley
Lighting Jan Richards, Mike Hulls & Anthony Barry
Props Mark Oldknow
Costumes Maggie Reakes
Publicity Anthony Barry, Mark Oldknow & Lucinda Smalley
Group Treasurer Anne Harris
Group Leader Mike Hulls
Home Handbill Tickets Cloud … Morning DIY Frankenstein Disappearing … Maids Programme Press

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