the Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield)

The Dragon

By Eugene Schwartz

5th, 6th & 7th January 1978

The Curzon Centre, Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield

Programme Cover

Cast & Crew

Lancelot Gary Bell
Mr. Cat Sarah Collins
Charlemagne, Keeper of the Records Anthony Barry
Lisbeth, his wife Fiona Carter
Elsa, their daughter Pamela Redwood
Henry, Footman/Secretary to Sir Dragon Mark Oldknow
Sir Dragon Tony Barker; Geoff Clarke & Ricky Harwood
Burgomaster, Henry‘s Father Tim Hill
{ Louise  Elaine Grotefeld
Elsa‘s Friends { Petrina Nicola Bates
{ Souki   Jane Fryers
1st Citizen Jenny Reakes
2nd Citizen John Marsh
3rd Citizen Alison Dugdale
4th Citizen Sandra Metcalfe
Gardener Joanna Stewart
Peddler Hilary White
Boy Emily Hone
Weavers Georgina Harvey & Ruth Masters
Milliner Maggie Reakes
Musical Instrument Maker Michael Johnson
Blacksmith Chris Feasey
Mr Mule Chris Barry & Adrian Bower
Jailor Adrian Bower
Clerks Anne Dell; Hannah Jones & Jackie Payne
Footmen Tim Palmer; Gary Jenner & Julie Griffiths
Servants Martine Ackerman & Claire Maurice
Guard Mark Britton
Sentries Alec Siddall; Jan Richards & Ian Wagge
Citizens Fiona Whitlome; Phillipa Neal; Lorraine Patterson; Melissa Holding; Sarah Stanworth; Rebecca Davies & Chris Barry
Director Ian R. Wallace
Technical Manager Morwen Case
Production Manager Sally White
Production Assistant Ally Carter
Stage Manager Chris Feasey
ASMs Dennis Carter; Ian Munroe & David Sutton
Set Design Ian R. Wallace & Michael Hulls
Scenic Artists Michael Hulls; David Sutton & Fiona Carter
Lighting Engineer John Varah
assisted by Michael Hulls; Alec Siddall; Ian Wagge & Jan Richards
Sound Engineer Jim Webb
Make-Up Design Ally Carter
assisted by Sian Case & Zoe Parry
Costume Design & Supervision Jenny White
Properties Sally White
assisted by Emma Read

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