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The Young Theatre
(at Harrow)


by Alan Broadhurst

St. Alban’s Church Hall, Norwood Drive, North Harrow

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 11th, 12th & 13th December 1975
The Great Cross-Country Race, December 1975

Mr Sloe (a tortoise) Jacquie Russell
Mr Fleet (a hare) Jeffrey Cole
Mr Basket (a dog) Michael Williams
Mr Sett (a badger) Alastair Allen
Mrs Warren (a rabbit) Emma Marks
Baby Rabbit Elaine Nunn
Mrs Dark (a rook) Gill Evans
Miss Brush (a squirrel) Janet Fiferman
Mr Spiney (a hedgehog) Daniel Gloor
Mr Paddle (a water rat) Mark Cottis
Mrs Spade moles Linda Black
Mrs Shovel Sarah-Ann Firkins
Martine sheep Heather Garrett
Ma Elizabeth Franklin
Bartrum Andrew Nicoll
Arthur Chiedu Udechuku
Barbara lambs Elaine Nunn
Mark Ike Udechuku
Jackie Hannah Lubich
Robin Richard Janssens
A Fisherman Tim Smith
Maude (a country bumpkin) Sheila Nicoll
George (her rustic swain) Alastair Allen
Mr Urban Not-Couth Paul Hyams
Mrs Urban Not-Couth (his wife) Marion Goulborn
Sophia (their daughter) Sonia Dubas
Brando (their son) Paul Slater
Farmer Black Jeremy Watkiss
Mrs Stainer (a country-woman) Lesley Simons
Director Kay Koré
Production Manager Alan Highet
Production Assistants Heather Garrett, Jeremy Watkiss & Elizabeth Franklin
Stage Manager David Smart
Assisted by Virginia Firkins
Lighting Tim Harris
Assisted by Paul Bhattacharjee & Robert Glenister
Sound Simon Phillpot
Wardrobe Sarah-Ann Firkins
Assisted by Judith Jeeves & Louise Gager
Tortoise Shell by Robert Glenister
Make-Up Andrew Kitchen
House Manager Marie Haslam
Fireman Clive Saunders
Box-Office Jacquie Russell
Publicity Kay Koré

Young Theatre
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