The Young Theatre

Stage Four

One Act Play Competition

Burnham Hall, Beaconsfield

3rd June 1972

One Act Play Competition performed by the Young Theatre in 1972.
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Casts & Crews


Group 1: Tree That Is Born Of Woman…
Jane Stevens Sian Case
Magazine Editor Gaynor Flint
Man at Dinner Table Christopher Nutter
Woman Gaynor Flint
Child Edwina Jamieson
Gypsy Elizabeth Wiseman
1st Child David Irwin
2nd Child Caroline Blyth
3rd Child Elizabeth Wiseman
4th Child Edwina Jamieson
5th Child Christopher Nutter
Voice Elizabeth Wiseman
Stage Manager Suzanne Graves
ASM Timothy Orlik
Costumes & Make-Up Karen Simpson
Lighting Gaynor Flint
Prompt Judith Chapman
Director Nigel Davies
Group 2: The Christmas Tree
Adapted by Nick Emerson & Diana Holland
Mother Salli Blyth
Children Tracey Jamieson & David Barnard
Grandmother Diana Holland
Old Sammy’s wife Jane Treays
Old Sammy’s daughter Philippa Hough
Director Nick Emerson
Stage Manager Philip Siddall
Lighting Martin Walker
Costumes Morwen Case
Make-Up Jo Harwood
Props Beverly Turner
Group 3: Tale In A Tea-cup
Vicky Thornton Nicola Holland
Neil Thornton David Blott
Penny Thornton Sally White
Mrs. Thornton Nicole Skudder
Mrs. Frost Sally Harwood
Mrs. Brown Susan Hanson
Producer Felicity Wiseman
Assistant Producer Anna Hobbs
Stage Manager Nick Hall
ASM Judy Lucas
Lighting Lynne Jamieson
Sound Joanna Barraclough
Costumes & Make-Up Sally Harwood
Properties Jane Beecroft
Group 4: The Four Year Change
Written by Penny Harwood, Tim Hill, & Gillian Logue
Michael Lewis Mark Britton
Alan Parker Tim Hill
Carol Mathews Gillian Logue
“Kate” Andrews Naomi Hulls
“Liz” Walters Catherine Stanborough
Wendy Carter Penny Harwood
Twins: Pat Cooper Kirsten Anderson
Sally Cooper Suzanne Sharpe
Directed by Tim Hill
Assistant to Director Penny Harwood
Stage Manager Andrew Emerson
Property Mistresses Geraldine Ward & Helen Chapman
Wardrobe Mistresses Gillian Graves & Gillian Logue
Lighting Gillian Graves

Stage Coordinator Kay Koré
Assisted by Nigel Fraser & Neil Morgan
Home One Two Three Four Programme Cover Cast & Crew Photographs  Press Burnham Trophy

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