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  • The company is dedicated to providing participants with the opportunity to work on high quality theatre performances
  • The company gives amateur performers the chance to work with professional actors, technicians and directors to assist in the development of their skills
  • The company is committed to producing work which bring together old and young practitioners in a variety of productions
  • Our productions are for the benefit of local arts organisations and may be joint ventures
Shared Intent Theatre
2016  Helen
2015  Midsummer Night’s Dream
2015  Nine
2014  King Lear
2009  An Inspector Calls
2007  Hamlet

For over 50 years The Young Theatre has striven to provide young people with opportunities rarely found in other youth theatre groups. Shared Intent Theatre is the newest incarnation of Not So Young Theatre (NSYT) which was founded to enable older members of the group to come back and put on plays not normally undertaken by YT. NSYT productions included Tom and Viv (1987) and Bazaar and Rummage (1989). Other YT “Worshop” and “Summer Workshop” productions were also staged, largely involving the older members and a few ex-members who returned to participate. These included The Wiz (1985), Agnes of God (1995) and An Evening of Harold Pinter (1996). In 2007 the principal of NSYT was re-instituted under the badge Shared Intent Theatre. This new incarnation expanded the concept to give existing members the opportunity to participate in productions alongside actors who were either professionally trained, had worked professionally, or were amateurs of the highest quality. The first SI production was Hamlet in October 2007.

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