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The Crucible

by Arthur Miller

Wednesday 13 — Saturday 16 April 2011, 7.30pm

The Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield

Directed by Chloe Mantripp

The Young Theatre - at Beaconsfield

Cast and Crew

Production photographs on Flickr

95 production Photographs by YT@Beaconsfield on facebook

YT @ Beaconsfield rehearsing for 'The Crucible' 12/04/2011 By Morgana Edwards on facebook

The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield)'s 1995 production of The Crucible

Script from Amazon: The Crucible: A Play in Four Acts (Penguin Modern Classics)

Cast (in order of appearance)
Reverend Samuel Parris Josh Martin
Betty Parris Georgina Heyward
Tituba Lucy KelleyPatterson
Abigail Williams Terenia Welch
Susanna Wallcot Rosalie Arts
Mrs Ann Putnam Georgina Barwick
Thomas Putnam George Barton
Mercy Lewis Ellie Harffey
Mary Warren Hannah Dutton
John Proctor Thomas McGrath
Rebecca Nurse Jenny Quille
Giles Corey Guy Featherstone
Reverend John Hale Tim Dixon
Mrs Elizabeth Proctor Catherine Hiscock
Francis Nurse Colin Mantripp
Ezekiel Cheever Ewan McPhillips
Judge Hathorne Chris Green
Deputy Governor Danforth Edward Simpson
Sarah Good Rosa Wicks
Ruth Putnam Carys Walters
Director Chloe Mantripp
Producer Mark Oldknow
Designer Alex Firth
Costume Designer Xye Appleton
Lighting Jonathan Hobbs
Sound Jamie Goodliffe
Stage Manager William Marshall
ASM Ben Krebs
Wardrobe Mistress Lauren Cameron
Wardrobe Assistants Alice Jones, Jess Firth, Yvonne KelleyPatterson
Seamtresses Rachel Condon, Fausto Izzi, Kelsi Lewis, Jude Malcomson, Amy Riddell
Asst to the Producer Jorja Appleton
Front-of-House Manager Paul Henry

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