The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield)

The Burnham Trophy

Seven Deadly Sins

10th - 11th July 2009

Saturday Night: Dinner Theatre

The Curzon Centre, Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield

The Burnham Trophy

ADJUDICATORS: Friday: Helen Sharman GODA
Saturday: Mark Oldknow GODA

The Trophy was won by It’s All in Your Head

Written by Lucy Kelley-Patterson
Mr. Alexander Waters Tom Curtis
Mrs. Delilah Waters Natalia Deane
Mildred Alice Budd
The Illusionist George Barton
Mr. Edgar Smythe Christian Northwood
Mr. Laurence Butler Chris Green
The Devil‘s Whore Lucy Kelley-Patterson
All other parts played by members of the cast
Director Elliot Blagden
Lighting & Sound Operator Jonathan Hobbs
Stage Manager Louise Morris

Written by Chloe Mantripp
Stage Manager Sophie Gordon
Cat 1 Annabel Moran
Cat 2 Chloe Mathews
Cat 3 Emma Marks
Cat 4 Hannah Dutton
Cat 5 Katie Phillips
Cat 6 Jessie Firth
Sarah Georgie Barwick
Elizabeth Dolly Allday
Mr. Mistoffelees Chloe Mantripp
Director Sophie Gordon
Technical Manager Owen Kelley-Patterson
Lighting & Sound Operator Owen Kelley-Patterson
Contained strong language (sorry!)

Written by Yvonne Kelley-Patterson & Catherine Hiscock
Girl Terenia Welch
Doctor William Crane Tom McGrath
Temptation Chris Anstey
Envy Catherine Hiscock
Sloth Ethan Sefton-Minns
Gluttony Fern Harffey
Pride Yvonne Kelley-Patterson
Greed Venetia Hetherill
Lust Catherine Hiscock
Wrath Ethan Sefton-Minns
Ringmaster Tom McGrath
Directors Beth Graham & Venetia Hatherill
Stage Manager Beth Graham
Lighting & Sound Operator Alex Firth

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