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The Burnham Hall, Beaconsfield

23 - 24 April 1971

. Performed by the Young Theatre in 1971.
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Programme: Casts etc.

Cast & Crew

The New Step
by Leonard Cohen
Mary Pat Graves
Diane Sue Blott
Harry Andrew Emerson
The Collector Nicky Jamieson
Director Paul Roach
by Miles Malleson
(Adapted from Tolstoy)
Simon Tim Orlik
Matryona Penny Harwood
Anuiska Geraldine Ward
Michael Diana Holland
Russian Noble Andrew Emerson
His Servant Chris Nutter
Woman Belinda Sully
Children Kirsten Anderson & Felicity Anderson
Directors Aviva Wiseman & Nigel Corry-Cooper
Hiss The Villain
or Foiled and Counterfoiled
by A.R.Taylor and W.Ernest Cossons
Silas Snaker, a rascally banker Tim Hill
Bowler, his clerk Nigel Davies
Captain Noble, an old sea-captain Nicholas Emmerson
Mrs. Noble, his wife Nicola Jamieson
Lucy, their daughter Beverley Turner
Percy, their son David Blott
Harold, their friend Christopher Middleton
Director Michael Wiseman
Assisted by Moira Herridge
Stage Manager Paul Roach
Assistant Stage Managers Pat Graves & Moira Herridge
Lighting Nigel Corry-Cooper
Home Ticket & Handbill Cast & Crew Press

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