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Christmas 2016

The Young Theatre Archive

Updates to the YTArchive Website and other newsHappy Christmas!!!   facebook   twitter

Wizard of Oz - 1976 - Harrow
St George and the Dragon - 1977 - Harrow
And the Piper Played - 1977
The Insect Play - 1978 - Harrow
Punch & Judy - 1978
The Beeple - 1994
Thirteen - 2011
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - 2011
James and the Giant Peach - 2012
Festivals 2012
The Witches - 2013
A Midsummer Night’s Dream - 2013
Jack and the Beanstalk - 2013
Oliver - 2008
Winnie the Pooh - 1993
The Great Cross-Country Race - 1975 - Harrow
The Tinder Box - 1972 - Harrow
Last of the Wizards - 1972
Ritual for Dolls - 1973 - Harrow
Pilgrim ’70- 1970 - Harrow
Maskerade - 2016


Tim Hill through the ages
Tim Hill says:
 Happy Christmas. May you receive everything you wish for and give everything asked of you. Now you are broke and I have your attention, here are a few new and updated shows since the last Archiver in May.

If you have a pointer and hover over each icon above, you will learn more about it from its tool-tip. Or just click or press any of them. Many of those above have been given an updated routine to display photos in more sizes and other minor improvements. Lots of other shows have received a tweak or two - there's been lots of tidying up - but there are too many (50+ shows) to list here. There are 161 shows listed in the Archive so tidying them all up takes a while. The YTArchive is a bit like looking after about 175 separate web sites and like any other, just as you add an external link to someone's photos, that someone moves them, changes the link or simply deletes them and moves on; when you download a script from the internet which automatically creates thumbnails on the fly and use it, your ISP wants to reduce the load on its servers so disables that functionality. Maintaining a website is like juggling eels.

You'll see Winnie the Pooh listed above which is 'new' and has 'just' been added. It was completed two years ago and added to the web site but it wasn't linked from anywhere and I didn't tell anyone. Obviously, it was YTA's contribution to the Dark Web until now.

Another small change made this past weekend applies only to users of Windows, Internet Explorer and/or Edge. If you drag nearly any page from the Archive web site to the Taskbar (or to a Windows 10 tile, it says here) it will do the usual thing and reopen the page when you select it, but most pages will also provide extra right-click menu items (qualifying it as an MSApplication apparently. Ha ha). Not only are there extra links to Contents, Latest, and XYT News right at your fingertips on your Taskbar all the time, there are also links to the Group's own site and its Box Office.

There's another web site you may find useful, particularly if you can't remember the Group is …org.uk and the Archive is …co.uk. Use the URL youngtheatre.uk and you will be presented with a choice. Pin youngtheatre.uk to the Taskbar with Edge: it has the the same menu items as mentioned above so is your ideal gateway to the Young Theatre's web sites and Box Office.

Now remember, panto is just around the corner. No, wait. It's not. IT'S BEHIND YOU!

May I be the first to wish you a Happy New Year.

If you spot any errors or omissions, please get in touch.

On 5.12.16 The Archive site listed 161 major productions and had 7,024 files amounting to 764MB spread across 996 directories.

If you can add names or any information, or to add your YT photos!
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