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And The Piper Played

Based on Robert Browning’s poem

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Devised by Andrew Kitchen

Created by the cast

Directed by Michael Williams

St.Alban’s Hall, Norwood Drive, North Harrow
15th, 16h & 17th December 1977
Devised by Andrew Kitchen. Performed by the Young Theatre at Harrow in 1977
Cast & Crew Poster Photographs 

The Pied Piper Sarah Cohen
Mayor Paul Moran
Town Clerk Peter Harris
Old Alderman Peter Barker
Stupid Alderman Tony Ransley
Grey Alderman John Mead
Guide Mark Cottis
Travellers Karen Foster & Diptl Patel
Man in stocks Joseph Papworth
Street Vendors Tammy Cohen, Elizabeth Dell, Gena Freeman & Lisa Freeman
Herr Broken Alastair Allen
Frau Sterne Charlotte Barker
Frau Fricadella Sheila Nicoll
Vermin Inspector Robert Glenister
Town Clerk’s wife Joanne Weinburg
Cook Imogen Fisher
Heidi Syvia Sidorowicz
Priest Jeremy Watkiss
Man Paul Reeves
Sculptor Joanna Weinburg
Artists Karen Foster & Diptl Patel
Children of Hamelin John Dell, Matthew Edwards, Jill Mieran, Susan Baguley, Lesley Barnes, Matthew Brookes, Zoe Bunker, Claire Deely, Andrew Gilbert, Daniel Maguire, Rachel Papworth & Robert Stunt
Transylvanians Hanah Lubich (Leader), Jackie Beaumont, Marian Elder, Kathryn Bravey & Deborah Rudkin
Production Manager Dave Smart
Stage Manager Tony Briggs
ASM Jeremy watkiss
Production Assistant Paul Kumar
Scene Painter Carol Morris
Lighting Designer Tim Harris
Operator Nick Gough
Sound Recordist Paul Chaventre
Operator Jeff Cole
Rat Noises The Cast
Guitar Leslie Barnes
Organ, Harpsichord, Chamber Organ Sue Collett
Properties Tony Ransley
Wardrobe Judy Gray
Maniac with the sewing machine Hannah Lubich
Make Up Sue Collett
Transport Paul Davis
Fire Officer Chris Marygold
Photographs John Macdonald
Box Office Jacquie Russell
Front Of House Marie Haslam
Publicity Hannah Lubich
Programme Sheila Nicoll

Production information and most photos supplied by Mike Williams

Cast & Crew Poster Photographs 

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