The Young Theatre at Beaconsfield graphic (wef from 2011)


Music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown

Book by Dan Elish and Robert Horn

Thursday & Friday, 7th - 9th July 2011

Curzon Centre, Maxwell Rd, Beaconsfield

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Evan Alexander Northwood
Rabbi Paul Henry
Patrice Rosa Wicks
Brett Trent Allen
Malcolm Ollie Munby
Eddie Cameron James
Ritchie Ewan McPhillips
Simon Josh Penn
Lucy Cecily Redman
Kendra Caitlin Kingham
Cassie Yvonne Kelley-Patterson
Molly Katie Vowles
CharlotteClemmie Hughes
Archie Al Hiscock
Ensemble Rosalie Arts, Dani Checkley, Joe Eales, Millie Moran, Jessica Taylor, Ella Wicks
Band Musical Director / KeyboardLeo Munby
Guitar Peter Miles
Guitar 2 Kate Greenlee
Bass Jess Cowley
Drums Ben Varnam
Producer / Director Mark Oldknow
Production Design / Co-Director Alex Firth
Choreographer / Assistant Director Carla Quelch
Sound Design James Hart
Costume Design Jess Firth
Musical Director (Band) Leo Munby
Musical Director (Singing) Jane Marlow
Singing Coaches Natasha Kaeda, Helen Staunton
Wardrobe Mistress Ellie Harffey
Costume Hire Rickmansworth Players
Stage Manager Lauren Cameron
Deputy Stage Manager Xye Appleton
Crew Chiefs Owen Kelley-Patterson, Joe Kirk
Assistant Stage Managers Toby Buckle, Alex Eales, Natalie Hale, Louise Morris
Fly Manager Ben Krebs
Properties Jonathan Hobbs, Benn Krebs
Sound Operators Jamie Goodliffe, Nathan Barker
Lighting Operator Will Marshall
Front of House Manager Paul Henry
Bar Managers Georgie Barwick, Josh Martin, Tom McGrath
with special thanks to
Janet Cantrill-Smith
Academy of Live & Recorded Arts
Red Lantern Theatre Company
Beaconsfield Theatre Group
The Royal Grammar School
Beaconsfield Operatic Society
Chiltern Shakespeare Company
Angela Westmacott and the staff of The Curzon Centre

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