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HTML.archive.cttees/htm08:30:38 03-Nov-2005modified
HTML.archive.index/htm12:21:00 27-Nov-2005modified
HTML.archive.story/htm11:44:23 27-Nov-2005modified
HTML.hstry/htm11:10:57 30-Oct-2005modified
HTML.archive.awards/htm12:12:39 07-Oct-2005modified
HTML.archive.cttees/htm10:58:20 16-Oct-2005modified
HTML.archive.fest/htm23:31:52 09-Oct-2005modified
HTML.archive.index/htm00:27:00 04-Oct-2005modified
Directory.archive.people12:33:24 07-Oct-2005new
HTML.archive.people.ronniebarker/htm12:51:35 07-Oct-2005new
HTML.archive.people/htm12:52:42 07-Oct-2005modified
HTML.archive.story/htm00:00:28 10-Oct-2005modified
HTML.ask/htm15:25:54 13-Oct-2005modified
HTML.index/php11:17:32 25-Oct-2005modified
JPEG.playing/jpg10:44:20 25-Oct-2005new
HTML.prompt/php17:11:16 14-Oct-2005new
File type datestampStatusComments
HTML.adverts17:30:54 30-Jun-2005newPHP includes on this server require files to be in the same domain
Data.archive.guestbook.themes.melody1.temp_body/18:25:13 27-Jun-2005modifiedAdded Robots meta tag to help foil spammers
HTML.archive.index/htm22:18:58 08-Jul-2005modifiedHad to remove counter as host is no more.
Directory.archive.isolation22:34:20 03-Jul-2005newFolder for Burnham Trophy 2005
JPEG.archive.isolation.poster/jpg22:36:46 03-Jul-2005newBurham Trophy Poster 2005
HTML.ask/htm22:28:53 08-Jul-2005modifiedThese next few files have had to have their submission code altered. The previous script no longer exists on the web and as a bonus the new version, in PHP, gives a much tidier result which is able to be forwarded, if necessary, without editing.
PHP.askmailer/php22:28:49 08-Jul-2005new
HTML.hstry/htm17:31:51 30-Jun-2005modified
HTML.index/php22:40:58 03-Jul-2005modified
HTML.reply/php22:30:28 08-Jul-2005modified
Text.robots/txt18:14:07 27-Jun-2005newPrevents Guestbook being listed by search engines which ought to foil some spammers.

Listing from SiteMatch, saved at: Thu,02 Jun 2005.14:18:29

HTML	.archive.cttees/htm	15:37:12 26-May-2005	modified
Added 2004/5 and updated layout for better clarity. Still needs tidying as the table used (beyond 2004/5) looks a bit broken.

HTML	.index/php	19:26:37 23-May-2005	modified
A general tidy-up

Listing from SiteMatch, saved at: Mon,09 May 2005.20:24:14

HTML	.archive.bytpers/htm	16:19:06 08-May-2005	new.
Presidents to Group Directors.

HTML	.archive.cttees/htm	16:18:18 08-May-2005	modified.
Reversed order. Still needs 2004/5 council which I'm working on.

Directory	.archive.earnest	08:24:41 25-Feb-2005	new.
JPEG	.archive.earnest.Earnest_Poster/jpg	08:25:00 25-Feb-2005	new.
Added when Earnest was put on the YT index page.

HTML	.archive.fest/htm	17:28:35 08-May-2005	modified.
Changed to new local festivals data, needs tidying up.

HTML	.archive.index/htm	15:58:13 08-May-2005	modified.
Tidied up and added hyphens to force browsers to indent the items appropriately.
 I found using non-breaking-space ( ) was unreliable in trying to force a
  layout which I think now makes more sense. Added Presidents etc., link.

HTML	.archive.story/htm	13:47:59 04-Mar-2005	modified.
per your notes.

HTML	.archive.xyt/htm	17:34:46 08-May-2005	modified.
per your notes

GIF	.archive.yt_y2k/gif	14:55:19 08-May-2005	modified.
this image - the current YT logo - now looks much improved being smaller with
 (some!) border space and on a raised plinth. This is pretty much a global
  change as so many pages use this image.

HTML	.index/php	11:17:30 28-Mar-2005	modified.
Changes to bring up-to-date.

Directory	21:18:47 04-May-2004	deleted.
HTML	21:40:56 04-May-2004	deleted.
HTML	21:42:22 04-May-2004	deleted.
These related to the Yahoo Group I was going to use instead of the Guestbook.
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The Technical stuff…

If you want to view any of these files in a browser links are not provided because in most cases you are not meant to view the files in isolation. This history is present to help me remember what I have been doing! Usually, the way to see the files mentioned in a folder is to look at that folder by typing its name into your browser appended to the main URL so, for example, to look at a file called
or for
(remember to swap . and /)

This page being edited
This page being edited before this photo was added
1. The current page on the web, 2. The local copy of the page, 3. The raw content of this page, 4. Local web server ready to update

This website is edited off-line thanks to the web server WebJames on RISC OS. Files are edited with StrongED. Changes and new content are uploaded to using SiteMatch and FTPc. The entries above are extracted from SiteMatch with the help of MakeTable and added at the top of this file.

This site was moved from to on 2008-12-20 when a few amendments were made to cater for the Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield) group web site. It began its life as in 1996 with just a few files in just a few folders. It grew thusly:

Date Files Folders Size Productionspages+images
June 2012 2,005 253 MB 94
April 2016 5,860 639 MB 150
September 2017 7,869 1.31 GB 185
January 2019 9,586 1,164 1.57 GB 213
December 2019 10,161 1,209 1.65 GB 221
April 2021 11,357 1,290 1.79 GB 225 2,980*
† not recorded
*878 main live web pages (in sitemap.txt) + 414 'web archive' pages + 18 history pages + 835 album medium image pages + 835 album large images (in 82 albums) = 2,980 browser pages

Young Theatre
The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield) - Historical Information and a link to the Beaconsfield Group's own home page with the Box Office for new productions
The Young Theatre (Harrow). Historical Information.
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