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Spring 2019

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Tim Hill through the ages On 19 February, Tim Hill wrote:
Is that winter done and dusted for another year? Are those annual pledges to get more exercise, lose weight and eat better now forgotten? I have no excuse. My nearest greengrocer even uses paper bags.

The updates to the Archive are shown below in their now usual format: separated into  Productions  and  Information  both here shown with the most recent change at top left. As of now, the Archive website has 214 productions in detail and over 40 categories of information.
There have been more site-wide tweaks to the photo album script which has now sprouted some Help on the Play button which explains the Carousel function. The thumbnails are also spaced out better for the 40 or so productions which have photo Albums. There is now more black whitespace, so to speak.

This site, as saved to an Android home screen
This site, as saved to
an Android home screen

Another hidden site improvement is better provision of icons for those times when you save a Favourite, a bookmark, a Shortcut, or Add to your Home Screen on your phone. Opening the site from one of those on a mobile device often removes the browser window furniture and any website behaves more like an app.
You may also notice the introduction of a QR code on each page. This makes is very easy to share a production or the site with a friend or you can use it to transfer browsing to another device.
The two frames of updates below have dynamic content so my following comments may age quickly.
In the previous Autumn newsletter Alice from 1965 was the most recently updated production. At the time of writing, Festivals 2015 is the most recently altered or new.

QR Code linking to Archiver's Archive
The QR Code for
Archiver’s Archive

In the information sections, the major changes not mentioned in the last newsletter were the addition of the AGM Awards, Committees and that Kevin Vaughan-Smith got in touch last year and his memories and a photo have been added to XYT memories which we began when YT turned 50.
If you can hover over the images in the two panels below, a tool-tip should give you more information about each item such as what was added at the last update. On a touch device, you may prefer to select open as text in a new window to see more details. If you do not like the last-edit order in which the information is presented here, please use the link to Open this in a new window. The page you are taken to will allow the data to be presented to you in any order you want.

Happy browsing
If you spot any errors or omissions, please get in touch.

On this date the Archive site details 214 major YT productions. Size on disc: 1.58 GB. Contains: 9,623 files + 1,166 folders = 10,789 objects.



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