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Christmas 2017

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Tim Hill through the ages
On 6 Dec Tim Hill wrote:  Well, here we are again. Another Christmas, another newsletter and the only chance I get to use effects which have no other practical use. So,

Merry  Christmas  and  a  Happy  New  Year

The updates below are presented in a new format: separated into Productions and Information. The website currently has 188 productions in detail and 40 other sections. The two panes of updates below have dynamic content so my following comments will age quickly.
In the previous newsletter in the summer I listed Alice in Wonderland (1968) as the most recently updated production. At the time of writing, Mort is the most recently updated production and the gap between them is filled with a further 44 productions which are new or have received a major update. Similarly, the information section Harrow Miscellaneous was the last to be updated in the summer and 15 sections have had some sort of an update since then. To put it another way, a third of the website has been updated with something since the summer.
If you (can) hover a pointer over the images in the two panels below, a tool-tip should give you more information about each item such as what was added at the last update. On a touch device, select textual listings for full details (for more lists, see the dark blue listings choosers further down this page, either side of facebook). If you do not like the order in which the information is presented in these frames, please use the Open this in a new window link in each and the page you are taken to will allow the data to be presented to you in any order you want.
Happy browsing.

If you spot any errors or omissions, please get in touch.

On this date the Archive site details 188 major YT productions and has 8,067 files amounting to 1.25 GB spread across 1,015 directories.



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