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St.Alban’s Church Hall


St Albans Church Hall side view
Mission Hall viewed from the South East (The Ridgeway) …circa 1935
St Albans Church Hall front view
Front of Hall : Viewed from Norwood Drive
Built 1936/7 … destroyed by fire (arson) in 1986

“Blake’s Mission Hall consisted of a main hall with metal trusses hidden by a curved plaster ceiling. At one end an altar and altar rails were provided. [These were subsequently replaced by a stage – measuring approximately 20 feet wide by 13 feet deep and 3 feet high.] At the front of the hall was a two storey entrance block with curved wings which contained the gents cloakroom on one side and the kitchen on the other. On the floor above was the ladies cloakroom and a small meeting room referred to as Annie’s Room. There was an aperture in the wall in this room which opened onto the upper part of the [main]) hall and this was used for projection of films or a spotlight for discos. At the back of the hall [i.e: behind where the stage was eventually sited] were smaller meeting rooms and a toilet. The external architectural style was “1920s-ish” with the grey of the rendered walls relieved by red brick courses and reveals around the metal windows. [Subsequently the front of the hall was painted white – see smaller photo.]”

— from From Tent to Brick & Concrete by Philip Crouch and published by St.Alban’s Church North Harrow

Photos reproduced with permission

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