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Vice-President of The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield) : 1970-1997

Michael came to Beaconsfield after a long and distinguished career as a navigator in the Royal Air Force, during which he flew 109 sorties over enemy territory and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal.

Back in civilian life, he came to live in Little Chalfont, and was a founder, and very active, member of The Playgoers at Amersham. When he and Aviva and the family moved to Beaconsfield in 1950, he attended the first meeting called by Bernard Cane to inaugurate the Beaconsfield New Theatre Group and became much involved on all fronts - acting, directing and backstage.

When The Young Theatre started in Beaconsfield in 1970, he added this venture to his interests, supporting all their activities, and occasionally directing - including the very successful festival entry The Cage Birds in 1979.

In 1986, he conceived the brilliant notion of forming The Chiltern Shakespeare Company, which since 1989 has presented productions in the Open-Air Theatre in the grounds of Hall Barn in Beaconsfield.

He loved all aspects of the theatre, and was meticulous about the care and detail and interpretations that went into all the productions in which he played a part - indeed when he died in 1997, the Buckinghamshire Advertiser described him as Beaconsfield's "Mr. Theatre".

In tribute to him , The Young Theatre at Beaconsfield have dedicated their annual Artistic Director's award for the most significant theatrical achievement during the season to his memory.

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