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Lady Anne Burnham


President of The Young Theatre at Beaconsfield 1970 — 1989

Always very active and supportive within the Beaconsfield community, Anne agreed to become The Young Theatre at Beaconsfield’s first President after being approached by Aviva Wiseman and Ian Wallace in the run-up to the first meeting of the group in May 1970. It was through her ‘good offices’ with her husband, Lord Burnham — and Major Rimmer of Hall Barn Estates — that it was agreed that the group could use the Burnham Hall in Malthouse Square, Old Beaconsfield for a peppercorn rent!

Her enthusiasm for The Young Theatre was as boundless as was her enthusiasm for life. She was YT’s staunchest supporter and their sternest critic. She attended all the Young Theatre productions and functions, even making an uncredited appearance one night onstage in the production of Here We Go in 1983 as “a member of the audience”!

She presented The Burnham Trophy to the group in 1987 to encourage what she called the “epitome” of the Young Theatre concept, and her constant attempts to break her own record for the shortest AGM was an ongoing challenge to her!

Without her pragmatic approach to all things, the Young Theatre may never have got as far as it has done in Beaconsfield, and the group gratefully acknowledges the great service that she gave to the group over the nineteen years of her Presidency.

The Dowager Lady Anne Burnham died on 3 August 1998. More information at thepeerage.com

Anne Burnham soaks Tim Hill and Mike Hulls at the Hoedown on 17 July (Bucks Free Press 22 Jul 1976)
Anne Burnham soaks Tim Hill and Mike Hulls at YT’s July Hoedown in 1976
Bucks Free Press 22 Jul
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