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Bob Holness

Bob Holness


Patron: 1977—2012

Bob Holness (12 November 1928 - 6 January 2012) was a British actor and radio/television presenter, and was best known for hosting the British version of Blockbusters from 1983 to 1994 - and perhaps less known for being the second actor to portray James Bond - in a radio production of Moonraker (1956)! He worked for the BBC and for LBC and presented many programmes on both radio and television. He won the Variety Club Award for 'Joint Independent Radio Personality of the Year' in both 1979 & 1984

Living in Pinner, he was invited to become a patron of The Young Theatre by the Harrow group in 1977, and subsequently appeared on video in the Beaconsfield groups's 1996 production of Winter's Tale.

On 6th January 2012, he passed away peacefully in a nursing home at the age of 83.

Bob Holness 2005 Bob Holness from Winter's Tale video 1996 BobHolness

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