Young Theatre at Beaconsfield

The Wind In The Willows

By Kenneth Graham

Adapted for the stage by Alan Bennett

Additional lyrics & music by Jeremy Sands

6-8 April 2006

at the Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield
[What the Press said...]

Production photographs on Flickr

Mole Chloe Mantripp
Rose Rabbit Charlie Maling
Rachel Rabbit Abby Farthing
Rat Emma Reay
Harriet Hedgehog Isabelle Lawn
Peregrine Otter Jamie Ivens
Portly Otter James Jeans
Chief Weasel Helen Staunton
Norman Weasel Annabelle Moran
Toad Eliot Blagden
Albert Lara Henry
Sarah Squirrel Julia Walters
Samantha Squirrel Isabelle Lawn
Fox Louise Morris
Badger Sean Wilson
Tracey Hedgehog Louise Morris
Hetty Hedgehog Isabelle Lawn
Car Salesman Jamie Ivens
Male Driver Mike Ivens
Female Driver Charlie Maling
Magistrate Mike Ivens
Clerk James Jeans
Gaoler‘s Daughter Isabelle Lawn
Washerwoman Charlie Maling
Train Driver Jamie Ivens
Bargewoman Charlie Maling
Gypsy Jess Dutton
Gerald Ferret Isabelle Lawn
Sergeant Fred Julia Walters
Mice Ella Farthing & Jessica Firth
all other parts played by members of the company
Director Mark Oldknow
Assistant Director Nell Charleston
Production Manager Tim Hill
Production Assistants Beth Eyre, Cindy Linley
& Helen Sharman
Stage Manager Cameron Gower Poole
Assistant Stage Managers Alex Firth, Felix Heal,
Jen McSloy & Mel Winetroube
Production Design Mark Oldknow
Costume Design Liz Charleston
Wardrobe Mistress Bridget Coles
Lighting Operator Martin Haswell
Sound Design Ralph Griffith
Sound Operator Martin Haswell
Scenic Artists Gareth Webb, Mel Winetroube
& Sammi Winetroube
FOH Manager Tim Hill
Bar Managers Paul Henry & Liz Beckmann
Box-Office & Print Landmark Events

What the Press said...
Bucks Free Press 7 April, 2006
Bucks Free Press 7 April, 2006

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