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Thank You Very Much

by Cecil P. Taylor

St. Alban‘s Church Hall, North Harrow

April 1974

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"All down history, nine tenths of mankind have been grinding corn for the remaining one tenth, and been paid with the husks and bidden to thank God they had the husks" (David Lloyd George. 1906)

This is, to some extent, the theme of "Thank You Very Much" which is in part a documentary, painting a broad panorama of life in 1914 - mixing family social drama with topical historical events of the period, and the unique feeling of conviviality and audience participation of the Music Hall.

A taste of "Thank You Very Much" was included in the joint 10th Anniversary Presentation evening.

The Play - set in Doncaster, 1914
Moray Bell, commercial traveller Andrew Kitchen
Margaret, his wife Jill Horrocks
Francis, his sister Louise Brookes
Annie, his sister Samantha Hossinott
Ray, his sister Jo Power
George, Annie‘s husband Martin Samuels
Walter, Margaret‘s brother Tim Harris
Ralph, Francis‘ husband Len Evans
Florrie Pollock, typist, suffragette Rowena Gura
Stan, her father Steven Tivey
Mary, her mother Claire Fletcher
May, her sister Tracey Wilde
Rose, her sister Judith Jeeves
Mr. Norrie Jim Culverhouse
The War Makers (Voices)
Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria & Hungary Graham Bishop
Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany Richard Seammen
Sir Edward Grey, British Foreign Minister Jim Culverhouse
Sassanov of Russia Julian Flack
Viviani of France Alan Highet
Palace of Varieties
Miss Polly Burton Claire Toeman
Mr Albert Gilroy John Graham
Mr George Fane Robert Glenister
Ladies & Gentlemen of the Chorus
Mlles: Susan Cohen, Laura Denness, Sonia Dubas, Janet Fiferman, Elizabeth Franklon, Louise Gager, Sheila Nicholl & Pat Nurse
Mssrs: Ivan Aaronnson, Tony Briggs, Jeffrey Coles & John Pilger
Piano Brian Brooks
Percussion Tim Smith
Saxophone David Marlow
Director Kay Koré
Production Assistant Margaret Tweedy
Stage Manager Richard Seammen
Assistant Stage Managers Graham Bishop, Philippa Kitchen, Jim Culverhouse & Claire Sirett
Lighting Tim Harris
Sound Alan Highet
Properties Sarah Bamford
House Manager Marie Haslem
Box Office Jacquie Russell
Magazine/Programme Rowena Gura
Cast & crew

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