Programme St.Alban‘s Junior Drama Group

The Star Still Shines

By Ian R. Wallace

19th December 1965

at St. Alban’s Church Hall, North Harrow

A modern-day version of the Nativity story - as it might
have been reported by the television news service of the time.

IPC Newsreader Susan Minter
Samuel Nathan, an IPC Reporter Ian Wallace
Mrs.Issacs Susan Pressman
1st Bystander Alison Sandell
Other Bystanders Linda Bradley; Richard Anstruther; Amanda Slope & Lisa Slope
Joseph Stephen Burwood
Mary Julia Packer
Jacob Issacs Ian Worsfold
Thomas Ephraim, an IPC Reporter Paul Maddren
King Herod the Great Martin Wallace
Young Boy Clive Saunders
1st Astrologer Jackie Fryer
2nd Astrologer Julia Fryer
3rd Astrologer Rosemary Hippsley
Chief Astrologer to King Herod Neil Saunders
Philip Mezra John Bradley
Ben Emmaus Geoffrey Bath
Simon Mezra Robert Baker
Joshua Emmaus Andrew Kitchen
Angel‘s Voice Linda Bradley
Directed by Ian R. Wallace
Stage Manager Dave Maskell
ASM Tim Balkwill
Stage Lighting Ken & Stan Phillips
Set Design Phil Beardsworth
Make-up Supervision Muriel Austin
Costume Supervision Susan Lock
Assisted by members of JDG & parents of the cast
Production Secretary Martin Wallace

What the Press said...

IRW has subsequently reworked this script and has produced an up-to-date version. Please get in touch if this is of interest to your group.

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