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Lady Precious Stream

by N.S. Hsuing

19th June 1971

The Burnham Hall, Beaconsfield

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There was just the one, afternoon performance of this third production by The Young Theatre at Beaconsfield - directed by Patricia Blott. Unfortunately no production photographs exist.


Cast & Crew - as shown in the programme

Cast & Crew

H.E.Wang Tun, The Prime Minister Ian Wallace
Madame Wang, of the Chen Family, his wife Gillian Logue
Su, Dragon General, eldest Son-in-Law Suzanne Graves
Wei, Tiger General, second Son-in-Law Joanna Harwood
Golden Stream, eldest daughter (Su‘s wife) Catherine Trott
Silver Stream, second daughter (Wei‘s wife) Nicole Skudder
Precious Stream, third daughter Nicola Froome
Her Maid Caroline Blyth
Hsieh Ping-Kuei, Gardener Sian Case
Suitors Linda Priestley, Virginia Hobbs, Judith Chapman & Jane Harrison
Driver Joanna Barraclough
H.R.H Princess of the Western Regions Nicola Holland
Ma Ta Virginia Hobbs
Kiang Hai Linda Priestley
Maids Jill Cowen, Anna Hobbs & Kirsten Anderson
Mu Suzanne Graves
Wardens Jane Harrison & Helen Chapman
Executioner Chris Nutter
H.E.Prime Minister of Foreign Affairs Judith Chapman
Property Men Morwen Case & David Blott
Honorable Reader Sally Blyth
Attendants Suzanne Sharpe, Sian Sully, Jane Beecroft & David Irwin
Soldiers Sally Harwood & Chris Nutter
Wild Goose Sally Harwood
Produced by Patricia Blott
Assisted by Chris Middleton
Stage Manager Tim Hill
Costume Susan Wallace
Lighting Timothy Coles
Props Pat Graves