The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield)                  

Card Play

By David Foxton

23, 24 & 25 July 1998

Directed by Ally Hill

Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield

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Buckinghamshire Advertiser
22 July 1998

Programme Cover

Buckinghamshire Advertiser
July 1998

Bucks Free Press
July 1998

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2D (2 of Diamonds) Jessica Baker
6D (6 of Diamonds) Andrew Macken
Jack Smart (Jack of Hearts) Peter Sharman
Myra (2 of Hearts) Debi Linton
Q (Queen of Spades) Becky Sharman
Jackson (5 of Spades) Jamie Jeffcock
Jack Flash (Jack of Diamonds) Pilsbury
QH (Queen of Hearts) Helen Bowman
4D (4 of Diamonds) Sami Mehzer
3D (3 of Diamonds) Charlotte Treanor
10C (10 of Clubs) Andre Lister
2S (2 of Spades) Charlie Greene
KH (King of Hearts) Chris Gurney
5D (5 of Diamonds) Alex Hopper
Director Ally Hill
Assistant Director Suzie Buckley
Stage Managers Jess Benest & Laura Finlayson
Set Designer Jess Benest
Properties Sarah Scott-Edwards & Lizzy Weare
Costume Jane Twydle & Andrea King
LX Team Rob Bowen & Andy Benstock
Sound Ben Sansum
Make-Up Row Lennon
Publicity Becky Sharman
FOH Manager Chris Davidson
Construction Members of YT
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