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The Burnham Trophy

Film Festival

17 May 2020

The Burnham Trophy. Performed by the Young Theatre in 2020.
Home 4 Stories of 1969 Kidnapping, 1974 Come on YT, 1982 Be Kind, 1989 Result Burnham Trophy


In this often biennial competition, The Young Theatre is usually sub-divided into groups with each group tasked with devising, writing, producing, staging and performing an original one-act play based on a given theme.

In 2020 — thanks to the novel coronavirus pandemic — this competition had to become something which members could produce during lockdown and apparently, we have a number of budding film makers in the group. Members had to come up with a three minute film on the subject of the year they were allocated using only the resources they had at home. The films were published on YouTube on 17-May-2020 and the adjudication is shown under 'Result'.

Festival Director … Elli Damarell

The four films are:
4 Stories of 1969 Kidnapping, 1974 Come on YT, 1982 Be Kind, 1989
Please select a menu option to see each film and more details about it and each group.
After you have watched all four, you may wish to then click on the 'Watch on YouTube' link(s),
'Like' your favourite(s) and then see if you agree with the official Result.
Home 4 Stories of 1969 Kidnapping, 1974 Come on YT, 1982 Be Kind, 1989 Result Burnham Trophy

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