The Young Theatre at Beaconsfield’s entries into drama festivals in Maidenhead & Kenton (Henley)


March & May 2019

Maidenhead & Kenton (Henley)

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Bottom’s Dream

by William Shakespeare

Adapted by Mark Oldknow

30 March at Norden Farm Centre for the Arts (Maidenhead Drama Festival)
7 May at The Kenton Theatre (Henley Drama Festival)

Bottom Jessica Cartledge
Quince Sophie Hall
Flute Oliver Sendall
Snout Connie Forrest
Starveling Jemma Gill
Snug Layla Hurst
Puck Molly Sendall
Director Tom McGrath
Sound and Lights Libby Hart
Crew Patrick Heys & Kieran McPhillips
Shakespeare's Mechanicals rehearse Pyramus and Thisbe for the wedding of Duke Theseus. Will they pull it off? Quince, the director, struggles to keep Bottom and his colleagues in order. Then enter Puck…
Note: No awards won at either festival, but this was a very young and inexperienced group of members.
Home Bottom’s Dream Elegy for a Lady Festival Successes

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