The Young Theatre at Beaconsfield’s entries into drama festivals in Henley &  Maidenhead


April-May 2018

Henley & Maidenhead

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by Roald Dahl

adapted by David Wood

Also performed at

The Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield

on Saturday, May 26th (@ 3pm & 5.30pm)

CAST (in order of appearance)
Tour Guide Emma Hobson
James Evie Gibbon
Old-Green-GrasshopperPhilip Nikolov
Ladybird Annabelle Langwade
Earthworm Saffron Stringer
Miss Spider Awa Bobb
Centipede Grace Reynolds
Mr Trotter David Douglas
Mrs Trotter Alexandra Askew
Aunt Sponge Sophie Reynolds
Aunt Spiker Yasmin Dacre
Old Man Yvonne Osborne
TV Presenter Aimee Langwade
Captain Emma Hobson
Number One David Douglas
Number Two Alexandra Askew
Other parts played by members of the company. In addition:
At the Henley Drama Festival performances the roles of Tour Guide and Captain were played by Aimee Langwade.
At the performances at The Curzon Centre the role of Aunt Spiker was played by Aimee Langwade and the role of TV Presenter was played by Charlie Arnison
Director Tom McGrath
Technical DirectorMark Oldknow
Costume Design Xye Appleton
Wardrobe Mistress Elli Damarell
Sound & Lights Matt Shraga
Stage Manager Ben Stobbs
Crew Charlie Arnison & Kieran McPhillips
Thanks to: YT Technicians, Graham Southgate, Emma Woods, Izzy Loudon, Jay Oldknow, and the Beaconsfield Theatre Group
Home James and the Giant Peach Photographs Festival Successes

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