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by George Orwell

adapted by Matthew Dunster

13th - 15th April 2017

Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield

Cast & Crew Handbill Photographs 

Winston Smith Alexander Northwood
O’Brien Tom McGrath
Julia Angel Witney
Goldstein Joe Gocher
Parsons Ewan McPhillips
Syme Jonathan Douglas
Charrington Abbie Verity
Telescreen Lucy Carver
Bumstead Lucas Walker
Katherine Fianna Smaje
Mother Elli Verity
Old Prole Kieran McPhillips
Starved Young Woman Sophie Davies
Mrs Parsons Elli Damarel
Prole Woman Teresa Sain
Officer Jack Cook
Parsons’ Boy David Douglas
Parsons’ Girl Alexandra Askew
Other parts played by members of the company
Director Mark Oldknow
Producer Tom McGrath
Fight Director Suzie Buckley
Stage Manager Alfie Hurst
Lighting Design / DSM Matt Shraga
Sound / Set / Video Design Mark Oldknow
Sound / Video Operator Matt Shraga
Wardrobe Supervisor Hannah Douglas
FOH Manager Katie Vowles
Marketing Alexander Northwood and Lizzie Baldwin
Production Photographs Antony Sendall
Acknowledgements - Joe Kirk (video), Ben Krebs (video), Graham Southgate (staging),
Beaconsfield Theatre Group, Beaconsfield Musical and Operatic Society
Cast & Crew Handbill Photographs 

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