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Burnham Trophy

Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield

17 & 18 July 2015

Burnham Trophy. Performed by the Young Theatre in 2015.
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Three teams were established from within the group: Evacuees, Blitz and Intelligence
who performed three one-act plays,
The Shadow of the Giants, Pancake Day and Hut 3 respectively.
Please see the links above (or below) for cast lists &c.


Friday - Phil Macken (Head of Drama, St. Mary’s School, Gerrards Cross)

Saturday - Rebecca Youens (Head of Drama, Burnham Grammar School)

Script Assessors - Helen Sharman, Phillip Sheahan & Ian R. Wallace



Best Technical Presentation Hut 3
Best Actor Kieran McPhillips (Pancake Day)
Best Actress Rachie Ing (Pancake Day)
Best Supporting Performer Sam Nathan-Saffron
(The Shadow of the Giants)
Best Script The Shadow of the Giants
Adjudicator’s Award Hut 3
Audience Pancake Day
Adjudicator’s Award Shadow of the Giants
Audience Pancake Day

Burnham Trophy Production Team
Festival Director Ben Krebs
Festival Stage Manager Emma Wroe
Festival Sound Andrew Wroe
Festival Lighting Tom Bass
Festival Marketing Katie Vowles &
Alexander Northwood
Festival Print Design Mark Oldknow
Home About Evacuees     Blitz        Intelligence Burnham Trophy

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